today in Russia an appeal to the psychologist is becoming more commonplace. I am glad that most of the population see the environment in relation to their life, rather than an indication of weakness. However, many are confused, do not understand the subtleties and differences between professionals and what they can be useful. Let's deal!

Psychologist – specialist, has a degree in psychology or retrained on the basis of higher education in the specialty "Psychology". Psychologist is a profession, not a household name of a man who sees through people. In order to understand this, just imagine what a brawler who kicked the tooth of the enemy will be to call himself a dentist:). And of course, the psychologist does not see people coming through!

a Psychiatrist is a specialist(doctor), dedicated to the study of the mechanisms which have provoked the emergence of various forms of mental disorders, including their diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

the Therapist is a specialist with a higher medical or psychological education. As a rule, specialists with medical and psychological education the second call themselves psychotherapists. As many of my colleagues, not having medical education, call themselves therapists (for example, pointing – "non-medical psychotherapist"). For the treatment of serious mental illness requires a psychiatrist. Often, a psychiatrist practicing as a psychotherapist.

Psychoanalyst, Gestalt therapist, art therapist, existential psychologist/therapist, coach, etc. - a specialist with higher psychological or medical education with training(further education) in these areas, as well as training. In the framework of training and further practice professionals undergo personal therapy and supervision.


- psychological counseling – work, referred to in the "point" of a difficult situation (usually from 1 to 10), does not require a great "touch" to the life story of the client;

- long-term therapy is aimed at a deep study of the client's problems, its history aimed at the General situation changes.

Chicco Svetlana
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