each of us has a tendency, first, make up one's mind yourself what should be the ideal husband or what should be the perfect wife: appearance, skills, habits, behavior and more, and, secondly, to alter each other so that the husband or wife conform to the way that we think. br>
once on one of the courses we studied this feature, and one party suddenly come out and say: "Let me tell my story or I'll burst with impatience... Me before the wedding really didn't like some things about my husband! And when we got married, I started to redo it. At first it was very difficult: he didn't want to change, but then gave up and now he became just like a woman and I am very well and so easy to live with him!" Hearing these words, I looked at her husband and saw in his eyes the humiliation, shame and disappointment. br>
don't turn your relationship in the schema or in the program, they will cease to be unpredictable, interesting and free, but most importantly they will be true love. Because you love is not a real person, just the way he is, and the ideal frame in which you try to drive it. Yes and love only in the measure in which the other person matches the ideal. Open up your husband and his wife and dive into them.

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