I'm always interested in the motives of the people impersonating others, a different name, fake account, as well as the fact that your name in their phone, recorded the associative, changes every time you change lanes)). And often, what you think could be further from the truth.

In literary circles use aliases, in the criminal structures, nicknames in social networks - fakes. Everything is old as the world. In my opinion, this desire to "live" a different life, give yourself permission to be who I do not allow myself to be in reality, the desire for freedom, to do what is internally not allowed. For example, to write a stiff criticism in the conversation, to flirt with the opposite sex, to make "an easy walk across spring garden", or simply, to spy on the others out of curiosity, but in reality to demonstrate indifference. And that's without pathological surveillance and prosecution, it is within the "norm".

Hide a real natural thing for human nature - we are social phenomenon, it is important to respect others. Because we put on masks, act so as to feel safe, in comfort, in short, play games. And okay, if it's a timid and shy person, cornered parental prohibitions. He really wants to feel belonging, feels the need for acceptance and love, but is afraid. In healthy individuals social motives are constraining mechanism. They learn good social behavior, they follow the rules not because of fear, and want and can be good people in their own eyes. This is the worst thing when you get into someone else's game, with the character, which is the psychopathic personality, which is difficult to recognize, for the reason that genuine, and he himself does not know. For him, the motives to use a man for their own purposes, the sense of power, and to be out of reach.

Consider a profile so-called friend of mine, analyze. To write beautiful SMS to give answers with a delay, where do you see the facial and bodily emotional expressions, and economical smiley is always "pseudo" and to play these people for a long time, tightening on your neck "lasso", and pay attention to how you feel sooner or later.

Karachentseva Natalia
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