Who Are You? The teacher or a dictator?


Why do we need teachers or guides? To show the way. What distinguishes them from dictators? Voluntary. If a person wants to follow you. But if not: it is  his choice, his free will to be who he is. A dictator to be considerable easier than the Explorer, But it does not allow others to develop, to understand themselves and their actions. The dictatorship is forcing to do anything or be somehow, but she does not awaken man to the development. Not arise in him the manifestation of  his own inner Creator. And mentoring can reveal to man his personal inner potential .

the Idea is to stand apart from society is not new, but it raises questions about the existing order of things. Knowledge is transferred from the knowing to the not knowing . If isolating the child from society, he will not develop. If you can isolate the people progressive,  people are less developed there will be an example for others to follow. They will not see the future growth. The task of the people of Prometheus, to open people's eyes and illuminate their path. For in the dark can not see where to go. Therefore, all  the souls who came here each have their place in the world and purpose. And everyone needs to do their job, to Express themselves and Shine. And this light will attract those who do not have enough fire. Main thing is to have  patience and not try to grasp the immensity. Although,  of course,  it is tempting to say :  “let there be light and there was light", but …

the task of the conscious person, not to humiliate and shame others, but to  show  the example that you can be different, you can see the world different, you can live in abundance, to get out of life positive emotions and not to live in compassion and need. It is useless to try to convince or force someone to follow him. However ,if you show by example that you can live in fun and love that it is available to anyone who wishes, then people will come and ask how? And these people can show the way. And those who didn't come, it's their choice. To get people to follow the rules, which they follow  do not want this violence. And it will not lead to freedom.

Even if you want to make your loved one, for example, conscious, strong or healthy. But he won't . The question arises: Why should I? Long enough for me to communicate with him? But then this is my problem. That is, I  change it, want to solve their problems. And in fact,  I need to change my perception of him. We don't force a lion to become a vegetarian. We accept his cruelty and bloodlust. Because the lion is his nature. Why not accept people for who they are? Without judgment or attempts to change them, despite the fact that they do not correspond to the ideal which would be useful to us.

And the same applies to the invasion of another person with the requirements of the apology.
to require the person to apologize, it's too pressure on him. Especially there succeeded the parents. At every opportunity, hurrying to snatch the child's recognition of his guilt. br>
If  someone feels insulted, the humiliated, the offended or wounded, it is not the fault of some other person. Feeling responsible only one who is experiencing these feelings. And the emergence of any uncomfortable feelings and emotions,  says only that a person has enough inner resources to feel secure, no confidence in his right to be themselves. And he needs to take care to compensate for the deficiency of its internal  resources.
And not  to demand satisfaction from the other. That is, in fact demand an apology this is an intervention on foreign territory with the purpose  to fill their  internal lost resources.

People, developing and learning yourself and your inner world, it is very helpful to live in a hostile environment. At first glance, it sounds strange. But if you look closely, you'll find that only through interaction with others through emerging  external conflicts, a person can brighten their internal shortcomings,  to detect them and remove, thus eliminating the external and  conflict. After all, what's inside, then outside. And if the war is over, it just means that inside a person there is no harmony. br>

to isolate themselves from the uncomfortable and hostile is the just way. The man simply turns a blind eye to its internal state. Which just exposed in  the interaction with others. The path of isolation did not lead to development no personality, no soul. Permitting others to Express their point of view, even if it seems silly, outrageous,  backward, a sure sign of inner freedom and strength of a person.

Weak the person is protected,  limiting the expression of other selves. the
At the same time recognizes its weakness in agreeing that the other is superior and may have an impact on his life.
a Sign of a strong man is fearless. Including the acceptance of the other in any form. After all, taking another man takes first of all himself. That is a sign that it is no more conflict, for example, I would, but must;  need, but I can't, and so on. br>
And in this harmonious state, a person attracts into his life the same favorable events. And then he has open all the way.

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