we All know that our parents influence the choice of a partner. Work with the figurines and their arrangement allows sometimes to see how it is going with pinpoint accuracy.

With the consent of the client here is an example of history as with the help of this method, were found to be the cause of a love triangle.

so client and there are two young men from which you must choose one.

Place their figures:

the Bear (boy A), Fox (guy B), Bunny (the client).

Bear - a kind, gentle, heat, comfortable, reliable, it will not seek, sometimes inclined to melancholy, prospects for career and social growth in General, is not.

Fox – clever, cunning, smart. He's funny, he's intriguing. It is less accessible than the bear, and at the same time charismaticism more attractive. He has his plans, and achieves something in life.


the Basic situation is. It remains to understand what brought the client to this labyrinth, where each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and no one to choose out…?

And at the same time, the client casually says that it is important as parents will accept her choice..

What… we Go further in our little  investigation the study…

Take the figure of the mother – deer. Mom has a strong sense of dignity, what daughter loves, at the same time, sometimes distant. Everything seems in order.

Take the figure of the Pope – one bear! Suddenly, there is something to think about.

On the selection and description of the figures of the Pope after thinking about the similarities between my dad and guy A.

Set two figures (father and) next.

Q: “Like it?»

Answer: “Yes, similar. And the characteristics and feel when you are near any of them»

Q: “if they Can get along with each other?»

Answer: “Yes, they will probably find a common language”

Put together the figure of a boy and the figure of a mother.

Q: “How is next?»

Answer: “Uncomfortable. The deer will touch the bear and the bear will feel at ease. Deer take a position from the top, and bear (And) may feel slighted».

Q: “And how are the relations among mothers and fathers in this case?»

Answer: “Not very well, mum thinks dad is a loser»

Q: “This is similar to your dissatisfaction with the lack of ambition and determination And?»

Answer: “Yes, like»


Posing next to figures of guy B and mom.

Q: “How it is put together?»

Answer: “Okay. They get along, they have a lot in common and they are similar»


Stick figure “B” and the figure of the Pope next.

Q: “As they together?»

Answer: “a Bad thing. They distanciruemsa, they don't like to communicate with each other»


so, what do we see?

One guy turned out to be a reflection of the father. The second was a reflection of the mother. One of them would approve of dad, but would not approve of mom. The other would have approved mom, but would not approve of the Pope. 
mom and Dad most of his life in conflict and confrontation. The client always has to choose on whose side she's on. She can't love dad and mom at the same time (although, of course, and the likes, but with chronic implicit fault), because the other parent it gives unpleasant feelings.


 Conclusion: unresolved child conflict aggressively began to demand solutions and awareness through partnerships. The situation has not become easier and less painful, but it has become clear for the clients. The fog lifted, and the direction is easier.

of Course, this situation is quite dramatic, but the drama began long before today! And very clearly demonstrates some of the reasons for the formation of love triangles in General.

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