Who for you should be your favorite person


1. Your best friend

the Man who will always support and comfort during difficult times. Who will always come to the rescue and fills its sturdy shoulder. Your partner should be someone you can fool around and, laughing heartily, and, if necessary, and to cry when you feel bad and sick at heart. If your loved one at the same time your best friend – it means that you have someone who, no matter what, will always be on your side and it's perfect!

2. Your mentor

Your loved one needs to help you grow and become better. It can do so with the knowledge that yet, but that he already owns, and which he gladly wants to share with you. Thanks to the wisdom that your partner you will be able to expand your horizons and quite another to see the world and everything that happens around you. Learn from your partner, absorbs new knowledge like a sponge and be grateful to him for this opportunity.

3. Your pupil

in addition, you can learn something new from your loved one, it also needs to be willing to change and new experience. It needs to open their minds to the perception of new information should with a great desire to learn from you what is not enough for him, such as patience, wisdom or skill is easier to look at some things. It is in this case, when you are both willing to learn something new from each other, your relationship will be harmonious and happy to grow.

4. Your hero - a man who you will really admire and be proud of

Your loved one should be someone you sincerely admire and not be ashamed. Those you with pride and a sinking heart, can be called "love of his life". Who do you want to meet your family and friends and don't want to worry about this, knowing that such a wonderful person as he is, just can't not please them. After all, they sincerely wish you happiness, and with this person you truly happy.

5. Your superiorYM fan

just and your partner shall admire you, because for him you are the best in the world. It needs to be a person who is sometimes even more faith in you than you do yourself. It needs to be the one who will not allow you to fall and stay on the floor the road, and who help throughout this difficult journey together and achieve all of your goals and desires. Who will sincerely rejoice at all your successes and achievements as your own.

Love and understanding, take care of each other!

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