In Europe is administered neuter. Kindergartens replaced by appeal to the child that do not use the sex(gender) characteristics. It is believed that the child must define himself later who he was, a boy or a girl. Here's the latest news:

"Learning" instead of "teachers", "electing person" instead of "voter". In Hanover are adopting gender-neutral language. This is a manifestation of something unhealthy? Some kind of complex?

Introduced a lot of neutrality. And the most interesting conflicts are prohibited, and those can not hurt, can not draw cartoons - where to put the energy?

What caused this and what will it lead?

Transgender people do not agree with their biological sex - has always existed. Remember the famous maiden Hope Durov, userstory in the war of 1812, Jeanne Dark (the story of the refusal to wear dresses was a manipulation to execute her, but the fact gusarstva was).

the Increasing number of such people - the apparent story, they just become more visible thanks to the media and the Internet. Maybe so that their history is imposed on the rent for a purpose - to divert minds from other more important phenomena (e.g. unemployment).

the Reasons for this education as a transgender individual in his personal history, as always, difficult: it is (1) genetic predisposition (chromosomes, hormones), (2) personal history, in which there is a rejection of the parental figure of the gender that is denied. Girl - the mother, the boy's father.

the Child, survivors of some family conflicts (often a divorce and the departure of the parent), stop with the unconscious decision not to be like them, he, she.

this is non-identified and non-processed anger.

If the conflicts occurred in the age of the child when its gender is not formed ( before the start of sexual behavior), the child may delay in the latent period of development, when the sex signs are obvious, and their use is not needed. And then they are hidden, disguised, ignored, denied. In more malignant cases before surgery: cut off.

Inter-gender conflict ( violence) are often a manifestation of the same non-completeness and non-differentiation of archaic forces. There is a vitality, originally a mixture of aggression and libidinose energy, which later leads to normal sexual behavior. If this archaic complex soup remains soup and aggression is not separated from libidinose energy, there are frequent cases of family violence ( love beat at the same time).

you Have to understand that issues of inter-gender violence or transgenderist, as a rule, in the public space and the people who dealt with violence in their personal history: so we solve their internal conflicts, if we have not solved them on the couch of a psychoanalyst.

Aggression in a child at the age of 3 years. The child is in the way of separation from parental figures and become an individual. To be separated is possible only through aggressive internal urge. In fact, the child must proceed from a parent figure. For this purpose it is necessary to have accumulated and credited him with mother stock faith in yourself and in the world ( I can and the world safe). If this operation is not done if aggression is not allowed to be manifested if the boy was dragged away from the fighting, and the parents in the kindergarten were children instead of wall to wall, the aggression remains in the unconscious of the child is archaic soup: mixture of aggression and libidinose energy. This soup man lives on.

And then he sooner or later faces the question. Who I am: a boy or a girl, I want to be like mom or like dad, what life do you live if I can face and process those unconscious messages that I sent to my parents (see our previous text) ? And this man inside archaic soup of the aggression and power of life. And so begins the great confusion: instead of having to work elbows and to make a career, he pushed himself in food to suppress anger. Is drinking alcohol. Or beats a woman instead of loving her. Or, if it's a woman, destroying their female characteristics, slicing, killing the inner woman of diets and hunger strikes, severely manipulates your body to gain power over men (prostitution or its socially acceptable options).

the Extreme poles of this process of uncertainty and archaic look at Lars Von Trier in "Nymphomaniac" and "the House that Jack built". Only a woman usually sends aggression to themselves and their body, and the man on an external object-not the person next to him.

In most cases, customers with stories like that can help long psychodynamic therapy. Only in extreme cases, there is a real biological variance: hormonal or chromosomal failure.

Welcome to "the Group about the body" and study a variety of life scenarios: child-free, child-catersto, waithood ( delayed maturation), loneliness, transgender, anxious parenting, toxic childhood.

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