Now psychologists believe that almost all diseases have a psychosomatic basis. When I was little, my parents didn't know who the psychologists and the more that such a beast – psychosomatics. They worked in a factory, where he repaired the tractor. Collaboration is an inexhaustible topic of conversation, shared friends, home and garden business and quality time with the child, parents often not enough. Besides, mom was in College, zaochke , so, to my person was assigned grandma. Grandmother in my life – the character is unique and very meaningful, but now not about it.
I remember being about the age of three. Once, as a child, I had Otitis. If anyone knows what it is, I understand. Pain reminds the tooth, only in my ears. I remember myself sitting on the lap of the mother, with a compress on the ears, smelling camphor oil, in a woolen shawl and a blue lamp, which, apparently, was to give the therapeutic effect. The pain was shooting and almost unbearable. I cried, howled, howled.... And my mother hugged me, patting on the back, on the head, and not irritated, tirelessly, said: "I believe that you're in pain...believe me, sweetheart..." And I noted with surprise that the pain had become more tolerant and even like, had to retreat...
the presence of the mother and that she understands how it hurts me that she believes that it is not whims, not hysteria, and the pain that she is ready to share with me, support me and help so much as needed, I felt and realized then for the first time. Remember that feeling, like healing, for life.
Sometimes we struggle, sometimes we hurt the soul. And, probably, time heals everything...
But since my childhood I know how important it is, when in a difficult period of life, there is someone who will devote their time only to You, listen to Your pain and share it, in all seriousness, who is going to look for the way out of the unbearable, for You situation.
Such a man may be a friend or relative, maybe someone who went through a similar experience.
For me the Support has become a profession.
the Strength of my Support today, supported by a variety of psychological approaches and techniques. And I am grateful for the opportunity through my work to help people cope with emotional pain, to overcome difficulties and regain strength.

Safonova Galina
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