Who is "Prince charming", if you subtract Horse?


let's Dish about Men? They say that they came from Mars, and we — are from Venus. They say that the center of gravity they have elsewhere. They say what they think not the head, but the head that sits in his pants. And they say that Women are stupid, only to dare to love Men.

Although female stupidity — this is a controversial issue. Recently I read a gorgeous advice for men: before the Woman caress the clitoris, learn how to caress her brain. Once mastered the second, the first you will RUB!

We women love with their ears so that they themselves dorisovyvaet in your mind the heroic image of the one who promises to get us a star from the sky. And few of us can be practical, cynical and materialistic. In response to "I'll buy you the biggest ring, the fluffy coat, the cool car and the spacious house”, only some people answer: “buy at least a glass of juice, that is a joy to drink”.

For the practical (or realistic) men call us materialistic. Because it's nice to dream and caress the Woman's brain. It is well known fact that the body reacts the same way as a hypothetical situation for real. Imaginary gifts for a few minutes can become as valuable as real. And these words: “I spare nothing for you, if I had the money, I would give you, me, most do not need”.

the Key word in this phrase you-know-what. That's the word, just one word, sent in a letter to one ancient Ruler of the second in response to a threatening letter: “If we take your city, it will be looted, so surrender!”. The answer was one word: “If”.

What do our knights? Some hang noodles on our ears, talaskia brain? Where to find the strength to be cynical and ask juice to wash down the joy is so sweet to plunge into dreams about the coat and about the house.

Women living in a fairy tale about Cinderella over other ready to hang in your ears in response to: "I'll get a star from the sky”. Willingness to jump from the ash into wealth and married a Prince attracts them to men dreamers «rye». But what else to expect from a Prince charming on a white horse? Only fairy tales.

actually this men it may be just a horse… and then — the pattern on the shorts. What if tomorrow we play in the Tarot and find out what kind of men you tend to attract yourself to pair? Come Play with me?

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