Who is a perinatal psychologist? What does he do?

what is a perinatal psychologist? What does he do?

Perinatal psychology – it is a field of psychology that deals with the problems of conception, pregnancy, birth and the early period of its development (up to 3 years). This is a fairly young field of psychology, which is rapidly developing and gaining popularity in the modern society.

a Prenatal experience, as shown by various studies, affects further life of the maturing person. And in our view, it is useful to be interested in the future of the mother and father of the child.

Perinatal psychologist helps the future parents to create favourable conditions for fetal development, successful pregnancy and adjusts to natural childbirth, supporting breastfeeding.

Psychological readiness for parenthood and the desire to have a child promotes easy and harmonious pregnancy and natural child birth. You can trust the doctors and rely on their professional competence, and it is possible already at the planning stage to think, to learn and gain your experience in a responsible and conscious choice of the parent.

a man and a woman discussing the possible scenarios of favorable accommodation of pregnancy, as where a woman will see her pregnancy, studying literature about upcoming changes in family life and the upbringing and development of the child, to attend courses for future parents. It is also Important to discuss how responsibilities will be allocated to care for a newborn and when my mom needs to go to work. That's not the whole list of questions that usually sets a perinatal psychologist for consultation at the planning stage.

Another request for consultations is the psychological correction in infertility of unclear Genesis, the search for inner resources and identifying the reasons for the birth of the child.

If there were difficulties at the time of planning or bad experience of past pregnancies (no pregnancy, abortion, perinatal loss, and others), professional counseling can help you get through the difficult, sometimes inseparable with family and friends feelings. The psychologist as the guide will guide you through the path of loss, bitterness, and pain to sadness and the light of the experience of acceptance and faith in the future.

In many centers of reproductive medicine, you can meet with perinatal psychologist at the planning stage reproductive procedures such as IVF, ICSI.

preparing for the birth of the child and support delivery and support in the postpartum period for building a relationship with the child is another important aspect of the work of the psychologist. Many difficulties arise after birth, especially if the delivery was not according to our imaginary scenario (cesarean section, medical manipulations, a premature baby), and here, the assistance can be effective, especially if care for a newborn fall on the shoulders of women and the support of loved ones is minimal or completely absent. Uncertainty about the new maternal role, the concern for the child's development can lead to postpartum depression and poor contact with the child and the destruction of family relationships.

the Best help in any case-is prevention. Prepare for parenthood in advance and rely on the professional assistance of the experts. Remember, as the classic - parents are made, not born.

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