Who is the psychologist?


Psychology (from al-Greek. ψυχή "spirit, soul, consciousness, character" ψυχή "the doctrine") is the science that studies the origins, development and functioning of the psyche and psychic activity and groups of people. Accordingly, the psychologist is a specialist who knows how the human psyche, how it is formed, as there are various psychological problems and how to solve them. Psychologists are divided into theorists - they conduct research or teaching activities, and practitioners – they provide psychological assistance to people.

Psychologist – a specialist with higher psychological education, or past training on the basis of higher education in the specialty "Psychology". I met a few psychologists, which stopped at just higher education. As a rule, professionals who are passionate about their profession, continue their education and after they study in depth some area of psychology (and there are many) or different courses that interest them. If a psychologist has additional training in any of the modern psychotherapeutic schools, it is called the psychologist-psychotherapist.

just note, the psychologist works only with mentally healthy people who have some difficulties in the relationship with themselves and the people or are in a difficult situation and need additional support of a specialist.

the Psychologist never will prescribe medication, as it has no medical education. He's just not entitled to it. If the psychologist sees the need medical assistance, then he will send you for a consultation to the doctor-psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Never worry this is to be done only in order to help you quickly deal with some of your condition, or to exclude/confirm a more serious disease. For example, some types of depression, which successfully cope psychologists-psychotherapists, can be cured faster, and sometimes only with the help of pills.

Psychologists can work in public or private schools, or can conduct a private practice. The work of any specialist is subject to the rules of the code of Ethics as a practicing psychologist.

I Have for today. With you I was, Zhurin Natalia, psychologist, Gestalt-therapist.

Natalia Zhurin
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