Who is Your Inner child?


we All were once children. And no matter how grown up you now was, the child who was in the past, still lives in you and will live life. Psychologists call this part of the personality of the "Inner child".

Even if you have little to remember from their childhood, through the events, emotions, feelings, discoveries and upheavals are stored in the depths of the psyche, secretly affecting your life today. All spontaneous behavioral reactions, all the fears and complexes, all uncontrolled emotions are manifestations of your Inner child.

the energy of the Inner child truly Divine.

It is the creativity, the ability to enjoy life, curiosity, originality of thought, openness, intuition, spontaneity, ability to feel and enjoy even the simple things, to live in the present moment and feel your presence in this world with every cell of the body. The Divine child and the manifestation of this energy makes our lives truly filled. And the happier your childhood, the more this connection.

People with this treasure – the real Pets of fate. They are positive, creative, able to come up with a benefit for themselves from all walks of life. They have no problems with self-esteem, finding their place in society, defining their vocation. They love themselves unconditionally and by definition. They all work, as they say, "goes".

so we make our healthy Inner child. But what do people who are not lucky enough to live a happy childhood? Those who keeps untreated childhood traumas? But they are the majority!

Wounded Inner child is pain. This anxiety and fear of peace, fear to open up, fear of showing yourself. This suppression or uncontrolled outbursts of feelings (or mood swings). It's a tangle of toxic emotions: shame, envy, guilt, despair. This lack of self-esteem (too low or unreasonably high). This inability to take responsibility or, on the contrary, giperatidnosti (student syndrome). This inability to handle money (greed or extravagance), the inability to create a full family, failures in work or focus only on career growth in absolute turmoil in his personal life.

this is why any therapeutic work should start with healing your Inner child. fortunately, modern psychology has a sufficient set of tools for the rehabilitation of the child part of the personality. As one of the basic structures of the psyche, it determines our ability to be happy. From the first days you can feel a positive change in his attitude to the world, to yourself, to others and, as a consequence, in relation to the world – to you.

How to determine what your inner child really needs healing?

the Most important difference of the child from the adult is the ability to take responsibility. Responsibility for their actions, for their actions, for their words.

did you have to be in a stressful situation, act it a certain way, and then another long to remember it and to reproach myself for what I did was impulsive, unreasonable, succumbed to emotions and follies, or, on the contrary, fell into a stupor and lost the ability to act?

did you have to make spontaneous purchases that do not need? Shoot from the hip in relations with other people, and then not finding a place from guilt?

or maybe you have a different situation, the opposite: you always take responsibility, even if it objectively isn't? As they say, for themselves and for the guy? And you always have someone all the time in front of someone to blame.

Mindfulness in behavior, ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them, as well as internal landmark to differentiate between their own and others areas of responsibility is a sign of a Mature personality. But our traumatized Inner child is blocking this ability. The injuries inflicted on our psyche at an early age, slow down or even stop the maturation of the individual. And irresponsibility or giperatidnosti are two sides of the same coin.

child normally never reply. He has yet to learn this. It acts in obedience to his impulse, he had little analyzes their behavior or does not analyze at all, he knows the words "want" and "do not want" - and lives in accordance with these slogans. And that's fine. If growing up person is in harmony, he gradually begins to recognize cause-and-effect relationship between their behavior and what is happening with it. He begins to ponder the questions "why is this happening", "what is my role in what happens in my life." Gradually the awareness comes to the fore. There is an ability to make informed decisions, set goals and implement them.

What happens when our Inner child keeps us from being adults? Is manifested in different ways.

for Example, the inability to focus on goals, inability to make plans. Excessive ease in relation to serious situations or, conversely, focus and getting stuck on the negative things (in the subway on my foot this morning and apologized, and you to evening get offended).

It is the impulsivity behavior (did, and then thought-why?, and wished we did). I bought some expensive trinket on credit and I don't know why you need it.

This can manifest itself in a careless attitude (extreme sports, bad habits, neglect taking care of your health). In excessive or, conversely, low self-esteem, fear to Express themselves and show the world their skills, knowledge, abilities.

Traumatized Inner child can be both a victim and a tyrant.

If you see a man with a power complex, running ahead to its goal, all available and unavailable methods is also a feature of the injured part of the child's psyche. Cruelty and selfishness, the absolute indifference to others ' feelings, to the rules and regulations is one of the manifestations of the wounded Inner child. Such people tend to disrespect boundaries of others, inability to accept responsibility in cases where their mistakes lead to problems. They always blame the weather, circumstances, other people and a higher power, but they're not. Outwardly they give the impression of a strong and penetrating nature, they even manage to achieve much in life, but deep down they are deeply unhappy. And this success is achieved sometimes at the cost of unhappiness of all of their loved ones or utter loneliness, because to live with such a man is extremely difficult.

Another problem of the adult who carries the injured Inner child – pathological pathological laziness or workaholism same. Laziness is always the result of learned childhood helplessness when a child is constantly subjected to unjustified criticism or protected from all work. "I still can't do anything", "what I do, nobody wants" is a constant Aria, performed by the inner voice of the lazy man. Or you hear a different song: "I have to do it the best!", "If not me, then who?". And in that and in other case, you are unhappy. You're either deprived of the opportunity to realize themselves, or burn out and get disappointed.

is There a way out of the impasse?

Yes. It is important to get acquainted with his Inner child. With his divine energy which helps us in life. To heal the wounded part, which limits and causes pain. To make contact. This allows you to find inner peace, confidence, life becomes easier and simpler. There are more opportunities to realize their dreams and desires. More joy. And, in the end, you become happier!

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