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word of mouth to a psychologist often come not interested in formal data. But if you decide to find a specialist yourself, turning to conventional and specialized search resources, social media, you probably start with an introduction to the questionnaire specialist. And here you are faced with the fact that there are many areas in psychology, and hence professionals working in different approaches. I have to say that all directions in one way or another work that every psychologist loves and believes in his method. The choice of the direction of a specialist depends on his professional views, personal qualities, ideology, personal philosophy, and so on. Customers, in turn, different make a choice: for someone enough photos, General information on training and activities specialist, is important to someone to understand more and to understand the specifics of the approach in which the psychologist works.

so, existential therapy (psychotherapy). It is based on a term existence (lat. exsistentia – existence). Existential psychotherapy is one of the most modern trends in psychotherapy. On the other hand, it is based on finding answers to the questions that has long been studied by philosophers. In addition, is a rapidly developing field that is in psychological science not only of uniform, and branching at various schools.

Existential therapists do not work separately with the psychological structure of personality and its internal processes or human behavior. Existential psychology is the fact that all a person has is the length of time called life. In addition, the reality is that the length of this part is unknown. One of the existential Givens (inevitable components of human life) is his limb. Man is not by himself in this world, he is "being-in-the-world". And "being-in-the-world" is a process. Existential therapy works with how people live their lives – how to relate to her than fills, lives own life or the lives as told to him by others, is its author or lives as it happens. Existential therapy is to work with relationships: with yourself, with others, with the world and with my life in General.

Around the existential direction – a lot of myths. For example, it is believed that existential therapist works exclusively with themes of loneliness, death, responsibility, meaninglessness. But this is only part of the existential Givens there are a number of others, such as physicality. In fact, since the client's problems are considered in the context of its accommodation of their own existence, and topics for work in existential therapy is becoming the concerns and worries that filled our lives. Sometimes on the surface it seems that existential psychology is digging in the bleak side of existence. But it's not just "decay" as I think some of this is still possible. The world opens up for us a lot of opportunities. If the person notices them? Open or away from them? Understands the importance of their choices and rejection of them? Makes or breaks your life and yourself?

In the process of existential therapy person does not learn to think only positively and to strive for positive emotions. We learn to recognize that in life there is a place the whole range of feelings and emotions, and it is important to learn to recognize them, to understand what each of them tells us. It's not blame when you experience the difficulties of life, is the process of creating, building his everyday life.

an Important place in existential therapy is the relationship the client-therapist. By themselves, these relations are an important factor affecting the outcome of therapy. In the space of therapy creates a special psychotherapeutic intimacy which further helps the client to make real change in their lives and to create high-quality interpersonal relationships outside of the office.

For someone suitable existential therapy:

For those who were in different consultations and trainings, where life is seen only as a holiday and is willing to look at life without illusions.

For those who are not looking for an instant and sparkling results. For those who are not waiting for a kick in the ass, and he tries to find their own answers to their questions.

For those who have already figured out that psychological services can be "pop" and can be of high quality.

For those who understand that the tips do not work. Only the answer that was found by the person himself (in case he / she underwent psychotherapy with the assistance of a specialist), can be effective to cause a person to change. Accumulated a stack of tips, beliefs of the best speakers of the world do not lead to deep and lasting change.

For those who are after Hiking to the magicians, astrologers, sorcerers, fortune-tellers realized that real life is much more complicated predictions and dreams about her.

for those looking For ways out of difficult situations, who feels stalled.

For those who are driven mad pace of life and rushes in this running from himself.

In my opinion, the existential psychotherapy honest and realistic view of psychotherapy. It is not the construction of bigger and more elaborate castles in the air, and a qualitative research method of their own lives to help get rid of illusions that prevent to live consciously.

Jean-Paul Sartre said, "it Was calculated, everything except how to live." Yet for centuries, scholars try to answer the question what is a man, space is existential therapy offers modest to start with yourself and try to "calculate how to live" a life of its own.

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