Who knows how to dive, do not necessarily know how to swim


Billionaire B. Graham said: "I remember everything I learned, but I don't remember how he lived", although he, according to others, have accomplished a lot. You can have several higher educations, but do not know how to apply them in life, and it is possible to master one narrow specialty and deepen it so that to reach a state of idleness, when the universe man creates a masterpiece.

the Accumulated knowledge does not make a person intelligent. This baggage does not allow a person to develop, because there is no space, which may include new. Real knowledge is the penetration of information identified by energy vibrations in our inner space, where information is understood and reflected in outer space.

People are very disciplined and punctual, with specific goals, a very practical, rational, unlikely to find common ground with the person optional, unruly, irrational, carefree and living one day.

But, life is paradoxical, it is both rational and irrational. It seems that everything is fine, everything is going smoothly, goals are achieved and all of a sudden, things happen that cannot be explained and which do not fit in the head. Must be a middle state of consciousness, when adopted, realize both rational and irrational.

anyone who knows how to dive, does not have to be a good swimmer, but to be able to float on water it needs to rise from the depths and get to the edge of the pool. To stay on the water any animal, even a huge elephant, so is man, because the body by 70-80% consists of water. If you fill a bottle at 70-80% with water, close the lid and drop into the water, it will sink because its specific gravity is almost equal to the specific weight of water. But man connects the mind, one of the qualities which the question: "I do not know how to swim." "Infants" great hold on the water, they do not know, do not know how to swim.

the body follows the mind, for mental attitudes. If you have any thoughts: "it's impossible", "I can't", "fails", "cannot be", then so be it. The universe always fulfills our wishes.

Not profitable to live at the level of the body and mind. This is the level of coarse vibrations, and at this level you can only get a bowl of soup, even if it's billions.e. or huge power. Internal blank abyss still forced to feel frustration, to doubt the purpose of his life, because if it is not filled with us, she filled with fears, doubts, anger, hatred, envy, all the things we try to hide deeper. When a person dies, it opens the "Pandora's box" and all this darkness with all your strength breaks out.

Awareness is the light that penetrates inside, lights all the nooks and crannies, showing sequentially the entire film, which, like darkness, under the action of light dissipated. Remains the the true, who we really are — energy awareness, and along with it comes clarity and true understanding of life which is given to joy and happiness.


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Olga Lysenkova
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