When Narcissus falls in love with his reflection in the river, he likes himself the way others see him, and not himself. Loving yourself to love others, he does not love himself in his own vital sensations, therefore, dies of hunger and thirst.
Why is this happening? It is not difficult to assume that so he tries to compensate for the lack of: love yourself with a love that would give him the other, and occupying the site of the other, moving away from yourself. He loves himself the way he wanted to be loved his ideal.
Louis Chiozza

for me Personally, the topic of narcissism while that is quite complicated. But still, I have my own opinion on this matter.

Man-- the narcissist tries to rise above the other people due to their depreciation. The narcissist cannot be satisfied by itself, it is important to be the best; he could not himself to approve, he should give who-and rise above.

Narcissus-is, as a rule, energy vampire, and "vampiric" because can not accumulate internal energy, he is too demanding and merciless to yourself. He does not forgive himself of mistakes and losses. And, as a consequence, considers himself always right because to recognize him means the opposite-- to be vulnerable, flawed. And, as we know, or right or happy:)

Narcissus and always wants to please everyone. It is extremely important, both from the side he looks and his actions, and how it is appreciated by others. And right now, as a little exercise, you can think: I do anything to please someone-it or because it's nice to me personally?

I know a man who, in what-that stage, much have achieved in life and became very successful and rich (like a true narcissist:), but he absolutely could not refuse, in his vocabulary simply did not exist the word NO, he was not able to withstand the stress in the form of someone-that displeasure because of his failure. After all, it is vital to obtain the endorsement and positive assessment of the Other, and hence the recognition, even if it is not present, and the "plastic". In the end, this person went bankrupt and he turned away from all his "friends". I think the reason for this behavior was that in what-that stage of a person learned to rely on yourself, approve yourself, and that means he can't be happy with yourself and love yourself without "reinforcements" in the form of artificial recognition.

All--again, for me Narcissism is when a person is not able to look outward, not able to see in Another is not reflected, namely the Other. Other person for the narcissist-- it's just "device", which helps to get a sense of value and importance in his own eyes.

what do You think, dear psychologists?

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