Whose life do You live?


Whose life do You live? Or do You feel your border?

Why do you always / sometimes you want to violate the boundaries of others?

When we can not understand in ourselves, we yearn to rule other people's lives. This happens in several cases.

First of all, to solve their problems Oh how I want to. Because one must have the courage, determination and see the truth, and finally to say "Stop I am willing (a) to change their current situation and the life."

But, it needs power. To have strength, anyway, have to admit that now I have this situation, now no strength. It is very necessary for understanding of their current position and to move in the selected direction.

And how easy it is to talk about the life of a friend or neighbor to advise them something to look at them from their point of view, without entering into their situation, not realizing their feelings.

and if to try to put yourself in their shoes, anyway, to argue with his positions, to try on the situation in my life.

here you can find a lot of things "delicious" - and be smarter, and be smarter, and be kinder, and ... (everyone put his what he lacks in his own reality).

And the result is the illusion of "goodness" feel "hero" because I so well can solve problems, and it does not matter that they are strangers, I'm all right think to say.

now, podpisalis artificial elixir and having the illusion of its significance, you can return to your life, which is already not as bad as it seemed before, to try on someone else's situation.

And so can continue for a long time, sometimes even always. But, periodically receiving such a resource, our lives remain unchanged at best, the same.

unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, we can deal only in their own situations. And make THEIR lives brighter and more interesting. And I'm very happy, if You get yourself.

There are people who need help, and it's okay to ask for it. And let Your way to meet knowledgeable people who will help You professionally, accurately and with care for Your own.

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