Loneliness can be a state of mind, and no matter whether or not a loving partner or partner, friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

And you can be alone externally, ie, when the guy or girl, men or woman have a close relationship with the opposite sex.

One alone does not exclude the other, but in this case we will focus on the second option, when a person avoids creating close relationships with the opposite sex.

Yes, it avoids! Because in fact, loneliness can be very beneficial. And everyone there are pluses to be alone.

you Can perhaps someone to say, so he (she) is Dating, trying-trying to arrange his personal life with someone, but not the same across people. Or Vice versa, that there are a lot of people of the opposite sex, but again, not the same, not so, not so... If these lines about you, then honestly admit to yourself, maybe deep down you like to be without a relationship, you might be so profitable?

will List some options the benefits of solitude.

First. Loneliness is freedom. No need to reckon with the other person when planning your time when making some life choices. Another person because of their lack will not be in control of your actions or omissions. You just do what you want.

Second. Loneliness "gives the right" to complain about my boring life. It's so easy to tell yourself and believe it that you don't visit some places, not doing something interesting, because you have no close person with whom it would be possible to do. And do not do. It's so easy to shift the responsibility for his boring life on the other, the more that it is not.

Third point. Saving own resources. After all, if there appears someone, you will have to invest a lot in your relationship. Try to look better, to do something nice for another person, to remember about him some information, etc. All of the above requires investment of your time, effort, abilities, etc. Much easier to be alone and all the resources to spend on themselves or to save.

Fourth. you Can be yourself. No need to change or adapt their character to the other person in the relationship. In a relationship certainly all the secret side of your character will begin to manifest, you will meet not only with the character of another person, but with their own, with their weak traits or injured parts including, and this can be very frustrating, scary for some, even terrifying. Therefore, it is much safer to be alone, then nobody will be able to see your depth and there is something to find.

At the same time spiritually and personally, can grow in a relationship. Because only in a relationship reveal all your strong and weak qualities of character. And then to what is revealed, you can work on yourself, to grow, to heal. Of course, to do this with your partner or a support group, psychologist, psychotherapist.

on the other hand, to truly become ready for intimacy with another person, you may need to first heal those parts of you that are injured, who feel threatened in a relationship and find benefits alone.

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