the Last time I was very interested in the theme of "integrity." This open and specific interest I have recently come to. But davolno for a long time I went around and around. Since learning of Gestalt therapy. Philosophy of holism, integrity, field theory - the basics in the Gestalt approach. the
One day with the client we came to the fact that she is unhappy with some of their qualities of character. And I asked her to choose a few toys that will be similar to these qualities and place them on the chair as it is - those above, those below, who hid, who turned away. We all looked, did my best to capture what is the purpose of each character and much discussed. Then they started to change everything - found each as its place. A few toys were removed and changed to other. And at the end of the session the client was very pleased with who she is now. Also, some of the objectionable quality of finding its place has found its meaning and value. Just swapping, and in fact setting adequate priorities, the client felt calm, acceptance of oneself, understanding how to further construct their lives, relationships with loved ones, work. And this session in the end turned out to be one of the most valuable. br>
Storni the observer can rotate his head and call this work a full schizophrenia. In fact we discussed her personality into several parts! And then another, and began to talk to them with wooden toys and plush. We represented what they wanted to say to us and to each other. But what is a result, it was left in my memory the recollection of that session as the depth of transformation.
And now I remember the statement one of my Teachers of those times: "Schizophrenia is when you do not realize, do not recognize and do not give place to the different parts of yourself. For example the feeling of anger. And then this part increases-increases and starts to live his life. So there are murderers for example. And when you admit and accept - you live this experience and then integrerede it."

in Other words the process of recognition of parts and their integration after tatalnogo recognition and accommodation has significant potential in personal therapy and development! br>
Now I already have experience of this method as "placement" and work with metaphorical cards, and many methods of art therapy. Where is the essence of therapy lies in the recognition and assignment of any parts yourself. Himself injured, hurt, loving, religious, merging themselves stuck in a relationship with my mom, dad. Unraveling such tangles of its parts, you get a clean, honest, existential experience of the Gestalt completion, unlocking suppressed and the release of the resource of your power and potential.
That's why I important, interesting and valuable to work with the theme of archetypes, an internal men and women. Interesting method setups. In fact, the work with the parts is, in General, the number - Gestalt, all kinds of art therapy, psychodrama, placement, metaphorical maps, Jungian theory. As well as a religion, shamanism.
Examples of religions: the God in me the demon in me, in me and belobog Chernobog. Etc.
By the way, we often said the words "therapy". Which literally means "healing." Conversion to integrity. There is a version that the word "physician" comes from the word "integrity. That is, the healer is the one who will return integrity. In the ancient medicine's doctors for nose, eyes, heart, intestines. Were healers. br>
Again, that such a study is very large potential! However, of course, there must be a of the art safety and confidentiality. br>
be Sure to come to work with the parts and integrity for the next thematic meetings and consultations. Skype for a personal consultation. And meetings in the city of Krasnodar once a month.

Zinchenko (Kotenko) Maria Vladimirovna
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