Why people are angry, why they behave why such anger, bitterness between people? Sometimes this question is in the process groups, personal consultations.

the Answer to this question may lie in the fact that we only share what we have in ourselves... In which "field" we are what fills us, what we live, what we cultivate and nurture, it can only come from us, whether we like it or not. 

And if the person "bursting with flavor" of anger, resentment, pain, cruelty, assault and slander to the other, envy and condemnation towards other people, it doesn't mean he's a BAD person, it means only one thing, this MAN is BAD. 

He was so bad inside that it kills and eats his soul, his human self, he suffers and suffers, he lives in pain, he's miserable, he really is a Martyr. These torments are intolerable, he is unable to cope with them, so he speaks this language, these words, looking with a look at the world and people.

He's hurting inside and that pain hardens him, so in the words of such people much venom and cruelty. He can't outgrow the pain and feel more than pain. 

Because people are always more than pain, symptom, injury, disease, man is more than his word and deed,a person amount, the sum total of what he knows about himself and yet, there is always the safe part, but he can't feel her.

But while he, his mind, his consciousness is available only to what he identifies as the cause of suffering. As if we have walked with glass in the heel and in pain with every step, but did not have the ability to get it, due to the fact that we "don't know about glass, feel the heel, do not link cause and effect "glass-nerve-pain-walking," do not understand the source of pain", but the pain drains us from the pain we suffer, I live and share it.

It is suffering without understanding the reasons to awaken them, make people can see the source of suffering in the outside, in the world, in people. He may not realize that the source of suffering for himself and his injury, its causation, its series of events, he is the only Creator and participant in this process.

Therefore, we must learn to understand that the person behaves towards others is bad, this language says I am BAD. The worse he behaves, the louder his voice -I feel BAD. But he can't understand and says it is a distorted perception - ALL BAD.

We can try to change it or to tell him, but if he asked to search their reasons for their suffering, only in this case can be the result. In any other case we can not influence his perception, his suffering, his behavior, but we can't "catch yourself", not involved in the process, not to get sick this disease.

We can understanding to accept that sometimes people just get bad and we have no power to change it, but we are to be healthy, we have the power to heal, to be purer, sincere, warmer, softer, kinder, loving, accepting and happy. Go your way, think of yourself, take care of yourself, be healthy, responsible, for yourself, then your field will be the same people.

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