"Doubt everything"

Rene Descartes

How many people, so many positions, but, nevertheless, in different periods of history in different countries, you may notice persistent the promotion of traditions and values, belonging to the culture of the people.

Now it could be seen clearly in our free from the Tsar and Stalin the country. In my opinion, any propaganda - not good to anything good does not.


Elementary. Whatever the tradition, they are not invented by man that they are here and now. This is something well-established, something from the past. Not everyone wants to take in life, not everyone is necessary and useful. There are people who keep the tradition - it's closer and easier, there are people who create something new, and for that they are freed from the old.

Promotion pushes. the propaganda being certain conformal people. Those who do not depend on the opinions of others, who administers his own life - not affected by that which is "over".

that is why I believe that the promote something useless. Whether it's traditional values of "great Russia", be it a healthy lifestyle and so on. There should be freedom of choice. People must feel it. Information, education, interaction of people with different perspectives is a wonderful thing, propaganda is useless. The first can produce results, the second will give dubious or not give it at all.

And yet, for some reason some so it is important to convey the high importance of the traditions to others?
  • People, it is important that they are not alone adhere to certain views. that happens when you're not confident or not sure of the positions which follow. Sharing traditions with other people, we automatically are more confident in the fact that we hold something to be true.
  • smoothly follows From the first second. it is important for Us to know that we are right. something that we hold true. Without recognition of the other that truth is to believe in his innocence almost impossible. Why not stick to the view that truth just simply is not and it is at everyone? Because so much more difficult to live, too much to account...
  • People want to change the world around you and I think that in this way the world can change. Dubiously. Is it possible to change the world through propaganda and imposing their positions? Or does it changes something else. And may not need to change it?

Theme of traditional values and cultural traditions of very complex, includes an incredible number of questions and requires many answers. I think the most important thing is to question, to question always when you are trying to impose something. After this article, you can also "doubt" in the comments.

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Maria Zalesskaya
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