Why are the changes not coming into my life?


There is a myth
what if I figure it all out myself, about how I'm wired, what is the cause of my suffering, I will achieve the needed internal changes.
So I start to read or even go to a psychologist, there researching his subject, something about understand it.
And I won't let go. And I'm disappointed.
the question is that the therapy is not only and not so much about understanding as it is about the accommodation.
am I Ready to change something discard the card and go into uncertainty, to be disappointed, be afraid, be confused, to take risks and to live it in the presence of another, creating a quality experience close..?

Therefore, the psychologist is competing with alcohol, fortune-tellers, friends, in ways that have been used previously. And gave direct, quick acting out, unlike therapy, which is based on internal mental symbolic processing. It's about what I'm trying to understand how my life is arranged and look over the underside in the unconscious. So the therapist, to some extent, the catcher - catcher unconscious material of the client, that the client still does not understand. Is that the therapist feels through his presence, a reaction, vpechatlenieto from what is happening in the contact. And that it returns to the contact and the customer receives the response that he had no experience and due to what changes. Ie produces a translation of the unconscious material that may become a phenomenon of observation.
Present nonspecific therapist teaches the client's ability. And reflection, the position of the observer, as the ability to go from the merge with his situation and take itself as the object of observation. the
"the Misconception is due to a belief that we must strive for prosperity and that we can be happy and satisfied with acquiring things and wealth, thereby avoiding any suffering, as if pain was the result of an accident that could have been prevented. On the contrary, what makes us feel fully alive and whole, is not a pain or a distraction from pain and not physical beauty but a state of complete presence.
Today is a very popular idea, and it  is seen as something innovative that the task of psychotherapy to be held in preventing suffering and promoting well-being. But, if we do not understand what kind of welfare are we talking about, we risk just to facilitate the hegemony of the deceptive consumer culture. We need to stimulate a culture of presence, which encompasses effort, dedication, creativity and pain – more than the culture of prosperity”. The Head Giani Of Francesetti. “You cry, I feel pain” from the book under the editorship of Jean-Marie Robina “Self –polyphony of modern ideas in Gestalt therapy.

in addition, the therapeutic relationship allow the client to take a corrective emotional experience that he is in short supply, based on affection, acceptance, reflection, attunement, that in itself is valuable and is a good Foundation for the study of the structure of experience is determined by what motives and what lies at the core of what behavior is problematic, etc.


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