Why are there so many arrogant and cocky men


I know a men I was now offended, but all I write now is below - from my personal experience. When they brag and act arrogantly - I quickly and easily know how to put them in place, and when they "calm down" they tell me whence came such zeal. Just don't ask me how I do it)

the Woman nurtures their self-esteem from the environment, so it is very important to a child to be in the company supporting companies.

And most men themselves set their own rating: they look at themselves in the mirror, play the muscles, will move a fist imaginary enemy in the mirror and all handsome, his chest and went to conquer the hearts))

If a man earned money, it is also increases its self-esteem, but most of it is erected on a virtual pedestal of victory over women.

And no matter what, the main thing that there were many of them and they all wanted one. Here the length of this list and based his self-confidence.And in case of conflict, he's beginning to shake in front of his nose).

I was shaking with diplomas, medals, orders for apartments, evidence on the car, even photos (!) packs of money))) I shoved the recordings of the pleas to come back, and I saw the shelves with gifts and even gave a glimpse into personal correspondence with the ladies.. And proudly showed former abandoned wives model looks..

But I do not care at all... that's Because I only look at the attitude towards me.. Like talking to, in what manner, as the hand gave where he brought and the fed, that gave... Men to focus not attach importance to the last.. They hope that I should work herd mentality: I should want it only because everyone wants to do it and because he's cool. What do I get? I'm at a Mature age and realized that is not the fact that something might fall from his master's shoulder. And this is a very important discovery, which helped me to get off the hook of such a relationship. I repeat and highlight in red font.

If men have the money, he is enormously rich, not married, very much in demand by women - it means nothing! This does not mean that he will share with you the money to marry you!!!!! It's part of his image, a picture, a business card, its a hook, a trap for women!! Looking for someone who will spend money on you even if he is not rich who wants to marry you.

And these men are very brazen and very, very angry when they realize that it is not working..

what is A female "love"?! Let's see..

Most women are very naive and gullible as children, they are easily fooled. If to seduce her ( which is easy), it becomes a psychological addiction, even if she didn't like him at first.

She is suggesting that love must be earned and so she tries, makes his shelves with gifts and borscht..She wants to show him by example how to care, in the hope that it will work out, and in reply to her iPhone, will give two.. But this is not happening.. Because the man arranged otherwise.

the men know what kind of thing steers? All women are corrupt, and I need some one who will love me just for what I am, I am. And it works, here's a woman and try to show what they neomercantilist, and yet all these neomercantilist glubokovodnye women in his long list and put them on point, he is clearly not going to..

moreover, such a fabulous man (even the wealthy) could be a gigolo or not to disdain your gifts, money.

to sum up said, the self-esteem of men is often based on the ignorance of women, by and large, empty.

Another thing if he showed me, I don't know, fantasize monastery,which he built with his own money or shelter for homeless animals or told the family that he left everything and left, something like that.. I think such men are not free, they to me will not come, they are torn apart..

And reach with tape recorders and photographs of bundles of money.. or Rather reached.. Now I don't have)

For critics. This article is not about all, but about a certain category of men, if you hadn't heard, I'm very happy for you, but they actually exist!

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Olga Naumova
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