At my trainings women often joke that living itself is already not feel. To admit, to say it is possible only with irony or make a joke on yourself. But somehow becomes sad from such jokes... And when they sound almost every training... it is not funny...

Let us consider what does it mean to be alive?

From my point of view, to feel the woman starts because it gets stuck in its development. The body grows and the adult position is not.

Much has been said about that in connection with education in us in childhood turn off feelings closes the heart and body. So. The task of childhood is growing up: body growth, the formation of the psyche. This period we are given to grow, to gain ground, as birds find their strong wings and fly in your adulthood, these wings.

Maturity implies confidence, appearance, ability to comprehend his position, to say about it, to stay true to yourself, responsibility, strength, presence, sex, ability to build relationships. Not count them, who owes what to whom and how much.

Modern man is now faced with the fact that an adult body does not guarantee adulthood psychological. I have a lot of articles written about it. Deeply to leave today I won't. I note only that, as we grow, what kind of education received and determines today that the woman does not feel real, natural, confident, complete.

the biggest pain of such education and growing up is that it is not possible to create quality relationships in life.

One of the most important tasks in life and men and women is creating a couple, a family, to educate the offspring. Animals do it once a year. And we, the people, to educate the offspring takes years. And in order to live these years together, feeling happy, satisfied, filled, it is important to be adults not only physiologically to conceive. But psychologically, to build these same relationships, to stay in contact with each other, to love, to receive love, to sex, to raise healthy offspring.

And for this it is important to realize that the path to maturity the majority of modern women seeing that feelings turned off (suppressed). No feelings – no possibility to feel alive and full. It is through the feelings we might experience the fullness of life, passing that same life in every cell!

Heart is closed with fear. what does this mean? So there is no possibility for love, there is no possibility to move towards each other, there can be intimacy in relationships.

and our body crashes. is sick, can't relax and have fun. Not flowing in it energy, not born in him impulses of desire, the power to do something, fullness and joy.

And that seemed to be all very clear what's happening, what's wrong. Why is it so difficult to take and to include the feelings, begin to feel your body and open your heart?

the Answer is. Because that's what you are now, your refusal from herself for the sake of others helped you to survive. And unconsciously is the only way today that you could use to survive and to survive to the present day. Another option in your experience.

Therefore, it is difficult to rebuild. Because your internal security system now perceives any intrusion and attempt to change something as dangerous as an attack. Resistance to change and to change is part of the process of healing and maturity.

It therefore frequently is impossible to reach success and to rebuild their lives. Your desire to change yourself much less than the resistance to these changes. And this is why often a person starts to change something in your life only when life itself gets in danger. At this point the motivation to live may be stronger than death.

So what to do? How to become a living, real, sentient?

1) to Decide on the changes.

2) Realize that there will be resistance. Not to avoid it. Accept it as part of the process.

3) Give yourself time to change the system, which survives now your psyche.

4) Allow yourself to examine your feelings.

5) to Awaken your body, learn to listen and hear, and to trust him.

6) Open your heart. Release the fears that bind him, and let your heart be filled with love.

7) learn to be true to yourself, your impulses, your desires.

in Order to begin the path to change, join free online marathon "I'm Alive". The marathon will allow you to take important steps to change in your life. On 19 June we start! And now you are waiting for a prior job! Don't put off life for later. You only have one!

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