Why can not I be happy?


"WHY?" br>
Why someone gets to be happy, and someone not?
the Answer is simple and not simple at the same time. Among the first cause, which hampers the inflow of an adequate level of happiness – the Habit of living in dissatisfaction. If a person lives in this state about 30 years, it's hard to believe that it might be otherwise. And begin to train as happiness causes the same resistance as running on the morning. The result for tomorrow is not appearing, and I want to sleep and the person decides not to torment yourself more discomfort. br>
ever postponed indefinitely. The physical body has become accustomed to experiencing a certain level of joy and sorrow and if you suddenly inspiration becomes more, somehow uncomfortable and feel lost, something missing. Not enough quarrels, discouragement, feelings. Life seems fresh. Um, concerned about this situation, quickly returns everything to normal. His task is to survive and if happiness is so annoying him: "my Dear master, I will do everything to make your life have more difficulties and problems." So we create our life every day. br>
for this reason, people change the environment that pulls them back. If not at once, find like-minded people for support. Gradually, the state of residence of each day and the person already understands what it is like to live better and to return to patients experience sense does not see. br>
the Second reason is lack of trust yourself and your choices.
While the person lives with others, even those closest to you – it is Man - Result.

When it begins to live from self-trust - it becomes a Man–.

He takes responsibility for that lives, that feels, that sees and how to react to the world and people. From that moment he becomes for Adults, who is not looking for reasons why it did not work and does not refer to the circumstances, hungry and cold childhood, lack of vitamins, stress and mental trauma. He understands that at this very moment, when he Decided to be happy for him be available all the resources for change. br>
While man thinks that He Can't - he Can't.
Imagine yourself in a stick, where a million programs. Programmes are played in sequence as they were loaded parents, the tribal system, society, society and man himself, even without knowing it.
only at the moment when a man Decides that he wants to live differently, it becomes available archive. It looks like this: "It's fun to see what's inside. What if I set up my life the way I want?" Some ineffective programs to remove, and I need to download and activate a new habit? br>
At first glance it seems strange, but it is the realization of man as a creative person. This is the essence of the manifestation of God in him. Many will ask: "what about love, soul, compassion?"
do you think that may encourage a person to sort out his stuffing if not the Intent of the Creator? Only love and true passion are able to start and complete work to improve their lives and also the lives of all others, because happiness is very contagious, just like laughter. It is interesting how we create our own reality, that you can watch free 3-day intensive in the group:

Mitrakhovich Irina
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