Why can't I lose weight? Fun.


you have Decided to lose weight. It would seem, could be simpler. Eat less, move more. But it does not work. Why not get we find out if we look at the situation through the prism of fun.

You want to lose weight. You have a lot of motivation. You say to yourself.
Sweet, my, come on! Come on! Imagine how will be fine! You will lose weight, pohorosheet. You will be able to get that blouse, that dress, or even here in these Gina! Your man will see how beautiful you are, or do others see, if this was blind. Anyway, where does the man, you remember that you are a beautiful sexy woman. You're going to enjoy yourself and your life. And health is good, health will improve. Well, come on, come on, honey, you can do it!
This idea responds. Yes, you need to lose weight, that would be great! There will be a lot of fun!

Fun — positively stained emotion that accompanies the satisfaction of one or more needs.
Through the pleasure of the body controls you, to meet your needs.
Starting to lose weight, you're reducing the enjoyment now for the sake of a large and diverse fun in the future.
the Right approach to weight loss is that to take care of your pleasure and minimize the stress.

Try to arrange a mini hell on earth. Eliminate all the delicious meals for you. Eat what you don't like medoedy. Scold yourself if stopped and once ate. Load yourself with excessive exercise... And then explain to yourself that you're just weak, willpower to you a little.
Creating the conditions in which little pleasure and a lot of stress, you will get quick and quality results, you will get internal very strong desire to end the torment. Then there is a disruption. Either you find a reason not to continue. Either you will find that just ate the floor of the refrigerator.

Speaking of fun, I'm not saying you should eat everything that is fun, in any quantity and at any time. I say take care of that on time to feed yourself with tasty and healthy dishes. I mean, that would gradually accustom themselves to a meal, and not enough on the fly sitting at a computer.

I'm not saying that sport has a place only when you really want them to do. I say that we should not "grieve" in the hall, which would then all get sick. You can download the app and practice at home for 10-15 minutes a day. You can substitute other physical activities dancing, Hiking. You can start with 5 minutes a day, gradually increasing. After some time, it will be a pleasant procedure, giving pleasure and benefit.

I say you need to create a supportive environment where there is a place to enjoy life, to care about yourself.
Think about it, what is the first step you can do today?
to Dance to music, play with children outdoor games, stroll in the beautiful places.
take Care of that tomorrow you had 3-4 eating delicious wholesome food.
Buy the right products.
Organize your day so that to sleep.

If you need support on the way to your harmony, you can contact me or find another person who can support you.
Please write to me. I am excited to read Your comments.

Denisova Anna
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