Every man wants to be appreciated. Not even so – so "valued". Someone thinks Freud too vulgar, but reading Freud you can get spiritual revelations. The founder of psychoanalysis turned out to be incredibly skilled surveyor of the paths of the unconscious. And his discoveries on the structure and instincts of the human psyche, frankly, amaze me.

the World around us is a flow of energy that wants more than your full disclosure, expression. Down in the cellars of the unconscious, we find here the laws, not even laws, and basic principles, which built our wonderful world. And following these principles "all these" Oedipal complexes, "sublimation", a psychological defense in my opinion, just give people hope growing up. Hope growing up and the acquisition of integrity. Think about it...

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I, for example, it is important to know what governs me. Here I set myself some goal. Where it came from in my head? Maybe it instilled in me by my father or mother? Yes, anyone close and important to me. Or maybe it's still my goal?

In my opinion coaching should start with the diagnosis purpose. The client comes with burning eyes, said, "I WANT!" Yes please! Yes, as long as you want!...

Okay, better example. I have at one time been a fixed idea. Here I wanted to get me in the workbook was standing well, really cool post. "Of course" it so happened that I got a job in a large company, which manages a very (very!) talented leader. It was not easy, where the growth was painful, but his goal I achieved. What? I got satisfaction from goal achievement, the Gestalt, that is, closed. But at the same time, I suddenly realized the source of this purpose. Oh, by the way, who cares about the crisis and, in particular, about the crisis of the 30-year-old, come to the seminar in October (stay tuned for announcements of our events).

Now, when I look back, I realize that for me, was nevertheless an important achievement of this goal. Despite the fact that immediately after her achievement was followed by a serious crisis, and on the horizon loomed a new goal. And I know that if someone came up to me and laid on the fingers that so and so, you aspire to this purpose "because..." and further, "according to Adler"... he "broke me all the pleasure." It would be the most blatant intervention in my inner world.

But there was a people who carried out the role of a coach or mentor. They helped me play more efficiently. Helped to reach that next goal. And thus gave me to understand, what I really want. As for the card balance "... that the heart will calm".

So have the courage to desire, improve your own efficiency and coaching!

by the Way, you noticed that too? What's missing ending? Actually forgot to say what conclusion I made about the role of coaching at the moment. Yes, coaching is indirect technology and is performed from a neutral position coach. At the same time, the coach helps the client to develop and grow, to realize the movement of the creative energy in the world and the principles of life. How? Let's talk about this next time?

Davydenko Sergei
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