Why do I have resistance?

When working with clients psychologists often say about this phenomenon, such as resistance.

Yes we are quite capable of celebrating resistance in certain moments of his life.

When this occurs?

If the answer is simple: first when in our lives coming some amendments.

Not so important, what it changes, the main thing is that they contact us was relatively significant.

Resistance may occur when to change
  • In the field of personal life and relationships;
  • In the field of professional activity;
  • In the field of self-development;
  • education and training
  • whatever else is meaningful to you region.

Resistance in the counselor's office is quite clear and obvious thing. Because it is often the psychologist we have to change here and now.

How is it usually expressed?
  • Unwillingness to come to meetings with a psychologist. This includes tardiness and any permanent cancellation/rescheduling meetings;
  • Lack of desire to work in the process. When we are silent, do not answer the questions to the psychologist, do not perform tasks that are discussed during the session, and so on.
  • In a constant process of change specialist. When we can not stay to "work closely" with one psychologist, when we are constantly something is not satisfied with the specialist.

the Resistance, which occurs in our daily life context, in fact, is expressed in similar things. Indeed, in the psychologist's office, we demonstrate our usual routine of life strategies and behaviors.

If we resist change in life, we:
  • Just don't do what can contribute our changes. We either believe that we do not need it, or it's too early, or postpone for tomorrow and again tomorrow and again...
  • Start doing something else instead of what will help to change. Otherwise, it is called procrastination.
  • Go to the process of introspection and perpetual self-examination, knowing full well that the need now is to fix/change, but never take action.

Resistance to change – sufficient natural phenomenon for all of us. Of course, it really interferes with the continuous growth and development, but it is not so critical and scary as it may initially be perceived. I think main in this entire process learn to trace. "Yes, I'm resisting so-and-so." Then control above the resistance will be much easier to take into their own hands.

More awareness – and forward to the changes!)
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