Why do not be afraid to show anger


Many people are afraid to show anger. People think that anger will inevitably lead to destruction, as to break loose the dragon. This is partly true, but not all realize that anger is as such, if a long time is suppressed. The fact that prolonged anger creates internal tension that is constantly seeking release. You are able to keep it to one minute until your will is strong enough. But life is all the time trying to weaken: the troubles at work, your scales once again showed an increase, again the child did something wrong, you started cold, you hit a nerve your spouse, you have not slept or just hungry… And the dragon escapes, destruction cannot be avoided…

you May notice for themselves or others that even a small change can sometimes cause an explosion of rage. There are times when the person we used to take quiet, suddenly is showing unprecedented aggression, not corresponding to the situation. However, anger spills out, is discharge, and it is replaced by a sense of guilt and the understanding that it's overkill. You are rooted in the idea that anger is impossible to Express, there is a fear of its manifestations.

I often face other options, for example, when you direct anger at yourself, or quietly to themselves transform into other, more acceptable feelings-resentment, shame, guilt, anxiety…

actually there are no bad emotions. Is the inability to Express them. Anger – only one of these emotions. And, paradoxically, he is not a destroyer, and your protector. Anger protects your boundaries, is the guardian of your happiness, health, well-being, your time, your way “I”, your value system, and it signals that something goes wrong.

the Anger in its pure form does not carry a destructive purpose. When violated your boundaries, anger is the most beautiful, the most appropriate response, and it requires energy in order to stop the violator. This energy is always highlighted as much as needed for a particular situation. This is a natural mechanism, in which the dosage of the released energy is always correct.

If you learn how to Express anger in the here and now, without suppressing, without creating internal stresses, it will lose the features of the dragon the expendables and rightly fit into the communication process, make it alive and natural. Use this energy to solve the situation and feel the relief as you made a small step forward (or is not allowed to push you one step back), had improved their life. Don't lose contact with his anger.

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