Why do people leave this life at a certain time.

Many have heard that he died Decel - Cyril Tolmatskogo at the age of 35 years.

Why at this age? In fact, everything has its laws.

Let's see.

throughout life people go through certain developmental crises. If the person does not fit into the processes which bring crisis he gets a serious lesson or moves to a different plan. The crisis is serious, it is a source of natural selection.

There are certain cycles that are multiples of 5, 7, 9 years.

5 year cycle, a multiple of 5 years (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years, etc.) the social crisis.

a Person, a group, society, everything is subject to a cycle of 5 years within five years of a person, a group, society; is born in a certain quality and will die after five years, social manifestation, the cycle is then repeated birth, development and extinction, rebirth. What does it mean? Every 5 years, a person, a group, a society impose declare themselves that they are then such that and in five years they live, grow and fade away( for example if the firm provides certain services for five years, in five years it(the firm) must be qualitatively reconstructed on a new level of development, quality and type of services provided) is the law of manifestations. If not then there is a crisis and the way out of this situation, two directions or complete extinction or forced change.

the Next crisis 7 years that are multiples of 7( 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49 etc.), the crisis of worldview. Every seven years a person builds a model of the world, attitude to the world, to yourself, a sense of self and the surrounding world. The more flexible a person's world the better it fits, the processes that occur in it and the outside world

Like any other cycle is the beginning of growth, maximum development and the passing away( when we must discard the old concept of worldview) and rebirth begin to build a new concept. If the person does not fit into the process is the forced demolition out of the situation two person persists( becomes bony, hard, not flexible) in his Outlook that he was forced to change the Outlook or goes by the wayside of history.

the Next crisis 9 years divisible(9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54 etc.) a spiritual crisis.

Every 9 years the man is a crisis of spirituality, as we understand it's a process — a mini life. where is the birth, the maximum development and extinction. The task of the spirit; the maximum development of specific qualities. Example at a certain time, a certain age, we show the maximum volitional qualities, but the cycle takes place and we begin to manifest itself in another capacity, for example in soul, become the dominant feelings of love, compassion, beauty, harmony, we grow in this capacity before the expiration of the 9 year cycle then fade away and are reborn in a new capacity. If you do not fit into the new realities that are gradually dying out.

There are certain overlapping of one crisis to another 35 years of midlife crisis, where the imposition of a social and ideological crisis. A midlife crisis is the most difficult experience, because a person is forced to be reborn in two guises, if you do not fit in the process then quickly get off of historical progress.

If you want to correctly place the crisis processes refer to competent professionals..

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