Why does the child: I'm a mother to their relatives


Continuing to consider reasons why it is impossible to get pregnant during the full physiological health partners, we want to note this point:

it so happens that the woman actually has a child and already a mother. Mother to their younger (or even older) brothers/sisters, his parents, in particular, for mom, for nieces could draw.

Sometimes this is facilitated by the circumstances, when really, no one but the woman can not take care due to objective reasons. Sometimes the woman herself takes on this role. Of course, then it is important to elaborate – why?

the Woman can already get married, but actively help, for example, the brother or sister. It will disturb their life, future plans – school, how to teach, how to help go to College, in the end, what they're wearing, as a fed, who are friends. And it can last up until they stand firmly on its feet (and it's not necessarily going to happen in 18 years). And it's one thing when parents are out or their way of life is dysfunctional. Another when the woman says that who else but she can handle it better.

of Course, taking care of loved ones – that's good, that's the level of maturity and responsibility. But at the same time, a woman's brain gives a signal in the reproductive sphere – not yet, while all attention is focused on caring for others, respectively, it is likely that while the forces on your motherhood in women may not be enough. As a rule, clients from which we were able to detect this moment is very responsible, even a Chur, respectively, trying to control things too. They can state the problem in the beginning of the consultation and with the story about herself and her life with her husband, to go for half an hour in reasoning and feelings about their, let's call them the wards of the kids. And don't even notice.

We try to separate notions and the inner sense: the role of mother for brother/sisters/nieces different from the role no less caring, but sisters. At some point the woman became the "mother", why did you accept this role.

of Course the issue is much deeper to work out. Still, shifting roles, and perhaps even a certain departure from her pregnancy.

While the number of clients I have relatively less. But it is very interesting to hear your opinion :)

Natalia Likstanov
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