Why doesn't it work "just to relax panic attacks"?


as simple As that. You turn on the music in the headphones, then sit back and panic attacks away from your life forever. Such recommendations are often found on the Internet. Just what's the catch? Why do you have something that doesn't work? Maybe you do something wrong?

No, that's not it.

the Problem is that most of the advice on relaxation concern assistance in a particular situation, i.e. with a single panic attack. And Yes, there they work.

I sense your indignation, because I myself wrote about the techniques of relaxation. But do not rush to act rashly.

the fact that I share techniques that help to prevent a SINGLE attack panic attack or faster to finish the job. However, I constantly emphasize that to get rid of the phenomenon of attacks requires a comprehensive approach and individual work with a psychologist to identify the causes of your specific panic attacks.

However, not everyone who offers such equipment, do as well. So people, after reading about an easy method, trying to use it. And not having the result in the form of eliminating the phenomenon, become frustrated and give up. They cease to believe in the fact that in their case the deliverance was even possible.

It is fundamentally wrong. Technology should be used as supporting elements, a pair of crutches. But to hold them all hope is dangerous. Remember that dealing with panic attacks in General — it's not the same thing that dealing with a single panic attack!

For the first need the interaction with a psychologist, to determine the causes, selection of methods and techniques that are specifically suited to you, and eliminate the causes of the attacks.

do Not despair if you have had false beliefs, and you spent your time following bad advice. Everything can be fixed. Deliverance from panic attacks it is possible for absolutely everyone. A little effort and competent work and succeed.

To work with me for individual consultations, sign up at: 8 953 98 32 112.

in the meantime, put like, if the article was useful for you. Write in the comments your questions about the tips that I read on the Internet, and next time I will tell whether to listen to them. br>

Paximadia Victoria
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