in fact, I don't like to measure with a ruler the people and divide them into different levels. But today I want to talk about it, but from the point of view of my work, because she experienced not noticed from others. I think some of you can find yourself in this meditation.

I will tell you about your path in psychology. It is far from over. But the experience is already there.

I'll Start with the distant 2003 when I first got into psychology as a customer. br>
I participated in the great psychotherapeutic work, where there were group and individual counseling with a therapist. br>
I Have not had as such a request for specific tasks, but nevertheless, seemed to want something to do with him, to grow and change. br>
the Group I mostly liked, I got what I wanted, even participated in meditation (when not asleep) and saw the effects from such work. br>
But individual work with the therapist then has not worked. br>
I feel stupid, didn't know what to say and waited to get out of the meeting. I didn't understand how it can help me and what to do. Over these meetings my bewilderment and lack of understanding of what it is all about. br>
Oh, I thought this therapist was unprofessional, did not know how to approach his client. br>
For some time I have stopped my studies in psychology and self-development. Rather got a little carried away in other areas of work, type of esoterics. But made it their own. I read books and something practiced. br>
In 2005, I decided that I wanted to be a psychologist and got into a training program for physical therapy. br>
In our field training always takes place on personal experience, it is necessary to participate in group therapy, to develop, to change, to be able to effectively apply skills, to understand how it works and not harm their customers. br>
the group was very deep, as far as I understand it. And then I felt good effects from it. Realized how much I changed. Was very surprised from the opportunities offered by such work. br>
In one of the groups I participated in a powerful practice. Then I came home and began enthusiastically to tell your PM about what happened to me. It seemed incredible how much can change yourself and your life. br>
But he did not support me and said that I was in some kind of cult))) Then I was very much touched. But now I realize that, most likely, I'm afraid that happened to me. And stopped doing it. Just went to the next session. br>
Yes I also thought that this method is not suitable for me. And do not understand to whom it is suitable, because there is absolutely no theory, explanation, and understanding how it works. br>
Then began a period of training systemic family therapy, perinatal psychology and methods of formations. It was 2008-2009. br>
And then I was more conscious in their efforts to learn and change. I like the fact that I knew that and what we do. It still was more like a classical education. Unlike groups for physical therapy. br>
But the inside job was deep. Then I was very impressed with the arrangement. I made a powerful arrangement for itself, after which there was a lot of awareness and real life changes. For example, I was able to get out of the sick co-dependent relationships. br>
And in 2009 I started personal therapy in the Gestalt approach. In 2010 I studied Gestalt therapy. And now, looking back on that time, I think it was a completely different status and understanding of themselves, their internal processes and what is psychotherapy than she can help me. br>
in addition, there is a really lucid requests for self-development and self-change, with whom I could work. br>
Gestalt group is a very deep and serious work that requires a certain level of maturity and understanding for what I need it. br>
in Parallel, there were many other workshops, trainings, and of course, personal therapy. Then I already understood how it all works and get good results. br>
Until now, I continue personal therapy, participate in different bodily practices, groups, and trainings. Now on some completely different level of understanding of yourself and the job. br>
To what I it tell all? br>
To the fact that, being the way I am today, I know that with my first therapist, with whom I worked in 2003, he was a professional, but I was not ready for such work. br>
physical therapy is one of the most profound methods of psychotherapy, but it also need to be prepared. br>
And this is to ensure that if you come to me customers and we don't always immediately get to understand each other or I can't be effective, then there is much not up to me. br>
I recall a recent conversation with one of my colleagues about this. br>
It is also a lot of study, trainings, and personal therapy. But her friend, whom she has long known, recently came to the training conducted on the job. br>
And here he enthusiastically tells her about what they were doing and how cool it is. And she understands that some time ago, when she shared their similar experiences, he did not understand and were quite arrogant in this issue, calling it all nonsense. br>
I all to the fact that it is not necessary to compare therapists to draw conclusions about their professionalism, or the training you attended, if you he never came. br>
And so it happens that a person went to this therapist, then another, then a third. And suddenly he liked it and everything matched up to his expectations and the results of our collaboration. This does not mean that the previous team or program was bad. br>
Often, it is thanks to them this experience, the following experience which will be successful for you. And if it was not, it is not known how it would be to you now. br>
For me, these considerations mean that if my client has already been in different groups, on different therapies and what do not work out as he thinks, and now he compares me and what was not worth asking. All the experts before I just helped him come to what he receives at the moment from our work. br>
And, I want to say this post – try, explore yourself and strive for change. Yoga means yoga, physical practice and meditation – please. Personal growth training – just great. Find your way, your method. And any experience, even negative, can be useful for your further results. br>
This is even with diets good when you try them and are looking for something that fits you. And if something did not fit, it does not mean that the method is bad, just not your or not at this point in your life. And, Yes, this does not mean you are bad or guilty that something went wrong. It's just the experience which can be acquired and analyzed. br>
by the Way, this weekend I plan to attend group physical therapy with the same lead, which went in 2005))) I have long wanted to return, but it's as if they were not ready. Now I feel the time has come. br>
I hope you find your way, to trust this path and move to the goal despite difficulties. br>
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Hope Shelepova
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