Why don't people go to therapy, or quickly finish


I Decided to collect options the difficulties of the start of therapy.
it's not about the cases when a person is configured to operate over its life, but the first technician did not come, and with the second contact happened. I was interested to collect version, why don't people go to therapy, even when everything is bursting at the seams, psychologists, or plucked out one by one.

✅In the field of non-drug psychotherapy now you can find a lot magically oriented, not backed by education and practice proposals. There is some confusion between coaching, astrology, human design, psychologists "from God" and specialists. Not surprisingly, you may fear to get on to "quack". In this case, it is important to try and look carefully to whom we go, based on objective evidence and internal experience (e.g., education, experience, personal comfort in the contact, no advice, depreciation and domination).

✅can handle Himself. Also has a right to exist. Perhaps the trip to the sea or sitting with a friend over a bottle of brandy will help. Sport is also a great option, if not rupture and devastation. However, we must soberly look at the situation - leading me my "I can handle it" wherever I want, or I sink deeper and missing something.

✅the Psychologist did not like. The first meeting will show how you can achieve together. Maybe the psychologist was rude and inattentive, untidy, or forced ideas, not noticing your condition. Respect for the client, his experience and life journey I believe is paramount in the client-the therapeutic Alliance.

✅the Psychologist did not meet expectations. "the bastard has answered my questions and didn't give any good advice!" it's not a rare variant. If you want to see the future or to obtain a list of actions is to tarologa, astrologers or coaching. You can talk about your purpose and what type of people you belong to. Externally, it facilitates the task and provides the rails on which it is possible to go, without balls, in the open space. In psychotherapy, all slightly different. My deep conviction is that the way of man can only find himself. A psychologist can be there to help in the search, without giving ready-made solutions. It's about honesty. I am not God, I'm a partner. Worn metaphor therapy: the forest, where two wandering, but the therapist saw a lot of forest roads and windbreaks. And he has a flashlight.

✅the Temptation of devaluation, idealization. "Yes, this psihologa jacket cheaper my dusters". And again, let's be honest with yourself - you are important as wearing your guide or your journey together so unbearable? Really is defective or you want to make his figure less important to leave and not show their feelings, vulnerability and weakness?

✅Scary. It seems that within so many demons and black sticking, it is better not to touch. Not to touch, to look the other way. Children: I closed my eyes, then hid. May not be worth it to re-open some wounds. But if they are kicking, as the Chernobyl reactor, is to explore what's inside, to consider how to disarm, to find a more appropriate place.

✅money well spent. Need a new sweater, and even a trip to Karelia, and the repair was like to start. What you spend your money on? What this is? Usually treat myself? With the body? If you are able to take care of yourself, relax, set goals and boundaries, and a trip to Karelia really is fun and not disappointing for the money spent, the therapy is likely not necessary.

✅I do Not want change. Therapy is definitely something will affect and bring into your life. It can be unsettling, and because, well, it... Wait, maybe something will work out.

✅Responsibility. Soulless psychologist will tell you that I have to make decisions and give advice. I have to acknowledge your contribution, as did my life. It's disgusting and sad.

✅Impatience. It's a long, expensive and the result uncertain. Be in touch, "here and now" unbearable. Want of exercise. Let something happens. Rather. To go from anxiety to action, to forecast and cast a magic spell on all occasions. Will have to get angry at the therapist and ashamed to tell him in the eye. Paradoxically, often when the boiling point is reached and the client finally sees a therapist, albeit through anger, change. Just from meeting others and themselves.

✅Bad associations. A psychiatrist is a psychologist and psychotherapist, and the prospect of taking pills is terrifying. Come for help to a shrink and shame "nidayboh". In the former Soviet Union still looms the specter of "punitive psychiatry" and the image of a psychologist who wants to subjugate the will of others.

✅No strength. Moral, physical. The degree of exhaustion, when it still seems that no one will help.

✅No query. Perhaps there are so many that it is unclear what is more important, where to start. Or the emptiness, it is not clear what to say, want something, but don't know what. It seems shameful, I want to be "regular customer" to bring clean and clear requests to work effectively to resolve them. Practice shows that the feeling that something is wrong, is enough. The query itself is born. You have to give him time and space, in contact with the person who is willing to listen to you, to see and offers a great deal of curiosity to your world.

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