Why don't wishes come true


today many people know about such interesting things as "thought material", "visualization", "affirmatio", "dreamboard" and things like that. Many books are written about it, there are so many trainings that promise the fulfillment of desires . Does it work? Yes, of course, works. But there is a big and very big "if"!

You want something very much (You have a certain desire), for example, to go to Argentina.

And You visualize from morning till evening: in the shower, in the subway, at work, before sleep, and reside your arrival at the edge of the world in my head and emotionally, You have pictures taped all over the apartment, and screen saver on the phone You have with Buenos Aires. But Argentina still no in Your life, and no hint of approaching dreams.

And here we meet with the very big "if". And it can be in several variants.

First option. it Turns out You have aerophobia, but in such a way that You can't even think to buy a ticket, even under the gun of the gun don't get on the plane, and therefore move only by road.

Strange dream about Argentina, if You have hard aerophobia, because teleport had not been invented. Of course, the brain to shield You from severe stress (flight), will attract the implementation of this desire.

This is a very simple example, but opens the problem. The realization of desires is delayed or impossible if you have fear (or fears).

Think if You have desires that can't be done? What fear(s) stopping You? If anything in a head does not come, believe me: some fear is still there. You don't know, but Your unconscious knows. Fear will work – get a welcome. Win aerophobia – will visit in Argentina.

Second option. The more sad. Your essence, your gut. If You on the life of the victim, then at least all the walls glue a map of desires, Your "life dream" will remain in the picture. We need more long and hard work, rather than with fear. Here to be necessary a long and laborious work of a psychologist, to "flashing" themselves. In fact, become another person, the master of my life. The position of the victim touches practically all spheres of life, it capital is formed in a person for many years, every cell in the body tries to meet this entity. But here's the good news. You can work with it. And always, no matter how difficult now was not, in the end, you can fly to Argentina.

Well, third option. Maybe it's just not Your dream? And it doesn't come to pass, because Your clever subconscious doesn't want to attract in life that in the end You do not like? Maybe Your parents all his childhood said that "Argentina is the best place on Earth", "was not in Argentina – I do not know life" and You really want to climb mount Everest?

Red Julia
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