Why don't you change


Stop making excuses! Well, you don't want to change anything! Is it bad?

you can Always get distracted in the series, in the virtual universes of other people's lives, and computer games.
For a real dialogue not used? Not a problem! You can create any avatar and chat online.
Food for delivery and outside you can never get out. br>
I Want this condition to go to a psychologist to find solutions and create motives for action?
Often the desire to maintain the comfort of the familiar outweighs.

  • Yes, I hate what is happening

this is not what I really want to live, not the place, not the environment, not the classes, not the implementation, not the impression.

  • Yes, I want more

I feel the potential and abilities within themselves and not accept the present as the final point of my achievements

  • Yes, I'm lonely and sad

I don't have enough high-quality, live communication, bright emotions with interesting people. But virtual communication allows you to maintain and even strengthen my complexes that only alienates me from people.

  • Yes, it is an escape from themselves and from real life

it is easier to avoid stress and get a simple pleasure right now, but this is a substitute ceases to hold, knowing that the substitution is no substitute for real life

  • Yes, it's quagmire from fixed list offline impossibilities and increased depression

postponing today I only exacerbate the upcoming situation tomorrow, as internal discontent, which are driven harder inside

But all that is in my life is familiar and safe! While any change in strain. I don't want not used to getting my desired result by overcoming yourself.

Inside gnawing doubt.

Maybe it is self-deception? Can I something important miss and be sorry?

You're not wrong. You saving yourself for life that comes with some moment may not come. The doors of opportunity life will not remain open indefinitely. They are closed.

And you know it. But I hope to make it.

The tomorrow will be better than today?
looking Forward to your advice! br>
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