Why dreams don't come true?

Every year we make New Year's wishes! 🎉🎄 Want to know why some wishes come true and some don't?!

What prevents the dream come true?

Reason # 1 - What I want - I don't know, and who know - I don't want to!!! 😅

In my experience, desires come true exactly as you wished! Like the old movie "bedazzled" - the hero thinks - "I Want dream girl to be my wife!" In the end they are indeed married, but she married him for his money, but loves another. Should be careful of wishes to make!!! Good thing our hero in reserve was not the only one able to make)))

Or a girl, a wish - I wish he was in my life a man who cares about me! Has the mind - want to find a partner, husband, beloved! And please - appears in the life of one who cares, but the husbands and partners are not suitable.

Reason # 2 🔞Because in a hurry!

Offer a 3-4 year old toddler one candy bar today or two tomorrow. What he chooses - and of course two today!!! What "tomorrow" does not clear? Another example - my Mother will come back "soon"!! Duck is actually unknown, now it is not, and therefore may not be... the ability to predict has not yet formed!

Sometimes we adults, on the way to some goal, we lose the ability to forecast - are ready to quit, because now!!, right now there is no result!!! Or he is not...good, and therefore doesn't count! Abandon their dreams in order that easier and easier!

Reason # 3 trump! Because it is terrible that will be!

If the wish will come true...! There will be some effect! 👀 This fear is usually very old, often of his childhood, and because it is illogical! For example, the face of a child - not am a career; or you start to earn a lot - scared to lose I want to lose weight - but healthy people don't lose weight, well, etc))) And it is usually even from Trachonitis secret - I make out!!!

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