the Path to their dream may be long and thorny, it's rare to get all at once. Try getting old, but nothing happens, why? Let's deal! it is first important to understand your is it a dream or is it imposed on you by someone. For this, we resort to a very simple but effective technique. Imagine that your dream has come true. For example, you dream of becoming the owner of a small candle factory. Looks like your plant, what kind of spark it produces. Now imagine that you go to your facility, see your subordinates, manufacturing process, touch the candle and watch as the box with lots of candles to send to potential buyers. What do you feel about this? If your face smile, you are filled with joy and pride, then definitely it's your dream and you should continue to do everything possible to bring it to life. But if you feel some sadness, disappointment or at all difficult to visualize your dream, then most likely it is not yours.

And in this case you should ask yourself what you really want? Sometimes it is quite difficult, especially in cases where parents rarely or almost never ask you about what you would like, and made all the decisions for you. it's Never too late to start communicating with you: each day ask yourself what you want. Tea or coffee, to go by car or walk, watch a Comedy or drama, to spend the evening with friends or to be alone. Perhaps you will not be able clearly to answer the question, try to listen to yourself and act in accordance with the internal pulses. step by step day by day you will better understand yourself.

And to get to know yourself better, you can play detective. Log in to your own house, as if he is completely alien and your task is to collect maximum information about the person who lives in it. Look at all the things around as if seeing them for the first time, what the Wallpaper was on the walls, what furniture. Open the wardrobe with clothes, and critically examine it: what colors predominate, styles, what style of clothes she prefers. What books are on the shelves and what is in the fridge. Believe me, you will be quite surprised when look at your home from outside. And these little discoveries will also help you to understand who you are and what you love.

To the writing of this publication, prompted reading books by Barbara Sher.

Learn to understand yourself:)

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