Why extra weight is needed


there Are times when you want to shut the world out.
to Hide deep down in myself, so that nobody can find it.
No, it does not hurt for the world! This search for new meanings, new discoveries, new ways to live...
Excess weight is the best suited for these purposes.
It blocks our female essence, blocks the activity and dedication. It stops us.
it is Possible to see in yourself? To understand, to understand something, to hear something... is it Possible for these new discoveries needed something to break up... to say good bye to some illusions - and that's never easy... And not all the strength. This requires inner silence.
Perhaps the only way to move from the status "daughter" status "mother". This transition is often very painful. It stirs a lot of emotions, memories and exposes our weaknesses in a new strange role.
More recently, my mother's beloved daughter, smart and talented. Then
beloved wife, pregnant - a gentle and pampering... And suddenly here it is - the new little man, and you're not the center of the universe, you now have to sacrifice everything for him...
You donate, but you want quite recently, attention and love TO YOURSELF - and this is not...
And then it is very difficult to accept the dramatically changed picture of the world, dramatically changed the role of...
you Have to be strong, have to be reflected blows. You have to defend.
Fragile and helpless, lightweight, slim - do it sometimes is not possible.
Our excess weight is a necessity. He has given us to live a certain period of time. Brought to the point where we are today.
Our choice is to continue to shut the world out or take a chance and take a step toward him . Open up to him. Maybe the world will be able to show us in response to something new, unusual? Perhaps it is not so harsh? Can terrible days are gone and you can take a chance and show the world its fragility?

sincerely, psychologist Elena Masicka 
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