Why interesting business idea turns into a dead?


every Business or business project has its own goals and objectives. For them we select the team. And here everything starts – a month, six months, a year, something strange starts to happen or the team, or income, or goods or services. Out of interest, drive, growing a strange fatigue or frustration. A person can close the business or to shift to something new, but after some time it all over again.

the Reasons can be several. While tell you about one of...

When a businessman or a private entrepreneur again certain life scenarios: loss, failure, fraud, decrease in income, the chances are that he is to be in some family ancestral entanglements, and all life energy and the money paid in an incomplete family history. Often such a person unconsciously selects a team not under the goals and objectives of your business, and people come to him with similar processes. And what was registered and counted, begins to diverge from those that occur in reality.

for Example, the Client opens a coffee shop and picks up the staff, but people come and go. During the consultation it became clear that the Client, typing the command to be in fear that somehow in the future staff will be able to use, to cheat, to substitute rhinestones better build a distance and retreating, it is better to scare the fines. When we began to dismantle these fears, we came to a deep generic prohibitions – "don't let others-and can use" and family unit – "take from others as much as possible and less than they give." That is a clear violation of the sharing and installation on consumerism.

it Turned out that these prohibitions and installation was not on an empty place in the family system of the Client there are several stories of major property and monetary loss. Fear always grows on fertilized soil. Programming in your future possible losses and failures, the Client neosoznanno was in a state of the victim and from the state picked up the staff for coffee shop.

if the future of the team realize its objectives?

Definitely not.

a high probability that the business or business generated out of its victim (fear of loss, of ispolzovano, generic restrictions and installation, which supports these fears) in the future will fail.

Then what?

the victim's Condition within the person (fears, losses, debts, etc.) due to his family tribal history and those vital strategies used by his parents.

the Process of finding a solution to the generic thresholds and prohibitions, the transition from victimhood to a state of motivator is not a small time. Whereas in business, it is important to make decisions quickly.

What to do?

  1. bring to the level of awareness that actually occur that you really feel (what fears and expectations are, or if the project is stalled at the very beginning, or started having problems with loans and money, or if the sponsor has refused to cooperate with you).
  2. to Increase awareness of your family setting and generic prohibitions, parental life history strategy, which you still use and that prevent resolve Case issues (this could be in recruitment, or the search space, the choice of the interior)
  3. No time like the present to start working with a specialist in finding solutions to their fears and inhibitions, doubts and limitations that support your inner state of the victim and hinder progress.

Filimoshkina Natalia
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