there came a pretty young woman, Tatiana. Very beautiful and elegant. About 30 years, similar to the beautiful porcelain doll chiseled face, well-groomed hair, thin wrists and fingers. Look, the way you move, the timbre of the voice caused the affection, some excitement, a desire to listen carefully and treat her well.

sitting Gracefully in the chair, she began with a story about himself: his respectable family (mum a schoolteacher, dad an engineer) about how successfully graduated, began working as an accountant, then even the chief accountant of a small company. Everything in her story was well and safely. There was even a thought: why is she here? So pretty, from a good family, with a very pleasant... what she wants to find support? To deal with?

your session has exceeded half when Tatiana cautiously started telling you about his personal life. Start like much from afar.

Seven years ago, met current husband, Ivan; he was with her in the same high school, was the best student on the course. Very handsome, with a Hollywood appearance: bright blue eyes and blond hair... it Happens the same way! Courted her a year and a half. Then was invited to an overseas trip, and there, right on the ocean, made a proposal to marry him. Tatiana agreed almost without hesitation. Felt completely happy! Such romance can only dream of!

the wedding took place, it was the first year of marriage. Wife, like, looking in one direction and understand each other perfectly. He wanted a son, a name picked for him, not saying a word, one and the same: Stepan.

a Year later, quietly, as if needless to say, Ivan became once a week to stay at work, home, increasingly bought the beer: expensive, rare varieties. Later loved whiskey too expensive.

And then, Ivan's grandmother died. In hospital the last 2 weeks. Cancer. For 4 months of twisted sickness. Was not in his life, grandmother Lena, who replaced his parents. About a grandmother psychoanalysts say, a functional mother.

After this, Ivan became even more to drink. Almost every day. And it soon became clear that he was an alcoholic. Getting drunk, rolled Tatiana drunken tantrums, get jealous for no apparent reason, and could even resort to assault and battery.

the next Morning, after another scandal acted as if nothing had happened, was attentive... But, a few days later it was repeated.

That rose gradually to Tatiana's question: to leave or to stay? What to do in this situation?

In the course of our meetings revealed 2 main problems that almost paralyze her choice.

1). Tatiana continues to hope that her husband will take over your mind, analyze their behavior and turn into still Ivan. All will be well in the family, to restore peace and harmony.

2). Relationship with Ivan - the happiest relationships in the life of Tatiana. Such happy hours and days she has not gone with any man. I doubt very much that this could happen again. In the future she painted a grim picture related to worthless life. And the example she was - aunt on my father's side. A lonely old woman.

What can I say about this story?

it May seem that the incident with Ivan is an unfortunate accident, coincidence of circumstances, the consequences of stressful experiences... However, it should be noted that stress all people experience in different ways. Ivan actualized protective mechanisms peculiar to him. It is one and the same person: the blue-eyed handsome and successful, this, drunk, aggressive, bad, controlling and threatening.

Hard to believe, but, alas, it happens. Most likely, it will take great efforts to make him "feel normal". Is he ready to make? Does it understand that it's not an easy life task? Does he have enough endurance and perseverance to fight for his family? No one knows the answers to these questions: neither Tatiana nor I, nor Ivan, I guess.

Not just Tatiana to say goodbye to the happiest, mind-blowing relationships in my life. To proveravati, assign that lived happiness belongs to her. It is her contribution and her.

it is Difficult to hope for new luck... In any case, young students will not return.

to leave or to stay - to choose to Tatiana, and this choice is not simple. In my power only to make during this selection Tatiana was not one to be close, to feel and think together.

From the author: the image of the client's Tatiana is cumulative and not belongs to the individual.

Pugacheva, Larisa
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