Why is it important to talk about money? At least with yourself!


Each of us knows how to make money.

  • But even better, each of us can to spend it skillfully, quickly and with no residue!

You earned the money, and now have the right to do with them whatever you wish You don't need someone's permission/approval.

However, I recommend You before spending money to make a small pause to obtain just one solution — from Your future.

otherwise, will continue indefinitely "financial Groundhog Day" — You will earn money and spend them to earn and then spend. And will never be able to stop this pointless running and bustle.

People are extremely poor predictors of the future, that is why it is rarely implemented their Plans:

  1. Despite this fact, the extremely important is the process of drawing up plans for the future.
  2. For he makes us good to reflect and be based on accurate figures, thus giving the opportunity to make smarter, informed decisions (rather than immediate emotional).

Turn to the details.

So-called "personal financial plan" consists of three elements:

  1. an honest look at Your current financial position;
  2. intelligent opinion on Your financial future;
  3. description of way/strategy — how You will be able to get where You want, from your current position.


  1. You can offer to create a personal financial plan so-called "financial consultants" or employees of banks/invest.companies.
  2. be aware that first and foremost they are salesmen invest.services, and ready to take care of your personal Finance only as a residual. They need to fulfil the sales plan, otherwise they will be fired.
  3. Why did THEY NOT BUY!
  4. Surely, they will strongly insist that You have purchased they have funded/investment life insurance, structured products, etc. abstruse things, which they very well earned.
  5. Their customers at the same time earn little, because most of the revenue has already taken away the consultants.
You are quite capable of create a personal financial plan, there is nothing complicated.

After its preparation, be sure to discuss it with someone who you trust.

  • tell him about the three component parts of Your plan and ask them to give You feedback as to how understandable and not confusing was your story.
  • It's like talking with a psychologist. When You speak aloud important things for You/events, it allows You to better understand yourself and your finances.


  1. Talk about money this is useful for You and for Your wallet.
  2. Think about your financial future, make a personal financial plan.
  3. Read my other article "What you need to become rich".
  4. Read my article "Where NOT to invest? TOP 3 most dangerous for the money."


Stuart McPhee
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