Imagine You are person who has lived his entire life on earth. And here comes some charlatan and says, "Go to the tree, there are apples!" and you stand and think: "what are You, retarded? Here on earth apples. August in the yard!" To climb up and scary, and, frankly, do not know why. It's already there. Apples sweet (broken and rotten at times, but others you don't know), solid ground under my feet, the sun is shaded, but without burns and heat stroke all summer. Why go, then?

But anxiety in my heart sits. Somewhere in the cerebellum "semiholes" understands that there are apples and tastier. And included other protection — I'll make fun of those apples that hang high those who collects them — punches diarrhea. And the neighbour Masha, which confuses apples with a stick (all that fall, mostly free and brighter) and looks strange, and I did not see her differences from themselves.

Some of the "semihody" still suspect something and try to climb on trees, run, jump, hurriedly, in one spurt. Some even contrived to break something, and the catch does not work. And bring knowledge to their colleagues: "I was there! I figured it out! There is not anything so special. Still got indigestion." And this is confirmation. Objective and recorded.

With all this if they could see what happens to those who truly learns to climb for apples! Yes, apparently they are almost the same. Well, his arms stronger, his cheeks ruddy, light tan... But the point is the skills experience!

Here, ablocked-dendrobates didn't fight in a traditional fight, ignoring the insult, or instruction. Here goes with a happy face... And go roskazni that separated the outcast, a cult hit!

and in psychotherapy: how to explain that "there"? And where is "there"? Grounded? Yes, here — I rely on the ground. What do I "sell"? Yes, crooked stand, shoes be worn out, my back hurts, but how this connected? Well this is the spine, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, and head here with? What? Micro-tone in the tendons associated with anxiety and can lead to arthritis? Again, a lie — at school it was not. Tendons are rope. Pulled muscle — bone stood up. Again: where is the head?

the Problem is that the lower the level of organization of the person, the poorer his knowledge of the world and the higher the neurotic, the stronger he clings to existing knowledge, beliefs and axioms. And seems to be just him and need psychotherapy and, at least, the business to expand beyond the world, to stir up the downtrodden curiosity, but no. Is not.

Some of the "jumping over bumps": trying for 1-2 consultations to solve all the problems. Snatch scraps of knowledge, health. Even fix. But most of the approaches 1-2 of advice — about anything. And many: expensive and time consuming and requires discipline.

But you should have seen nahodyvsya what happens at the consultation after meeting, after the "pakistni" actual minor problems.

clients Often say, "I don't even bother with what I came for. Well it's kids games! What worries me now is..." Can be suspected of a specialist in bad faith in creating the problem, but it is impossible! Problem all life, but their level of fear, vanity and panic — go. And the problem will not be "I was in the accounting Department was yelled at, afraid to go to the boss for a raise, with his wife swear and planes I'm afraid," and "what do I really want?", which is solved by yourself, "am I not interrupting others, not trying to provoke aggression?", "how to more effectively manage their time, powers and abilities to make a mark in the world, not just probuhat this life?" and so on in ascending order. At the same time these questions come not from a desire to please, to earn, or to satisfy the ambitions.

Agree, it's not those problems that your girlfriend calling you at 3am and represent them as the collapse of the world? But to this level we need to grow, and this is not 1-2 of advice about emotions. This is a complete psychotherapy to dive into ourselves and the world. And thus another story.

Sergey Sheludyakov
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