we All live in a world of people and often face misunderstanding from others. It is connected primarily with the fact that at some point in time our beliefs about ourselves, about the world, about other people cease to conform to reality. The moment of awareness of themselves and their place in this world, and for that you need to see and accept yourself in a new reality.

At its core, the failure itself is not a compliance (internal conflict) between the I-real, i.e., the person who is in the present and I-ideal, i.e., those who he wants to be. In this regard, the ideal ego becomes the "haunting" authority, it requires to be perfect, and people can't be happy. To resolve this conflict, it is necessary to bring them closer.

Our self-concept, over time, forced to change, to transform, but it is extremely hard to do, since the demands of the external environment are changing with great speed and often people do not have time to change, to adopt themselves to the new reality.

Why is this happening? Why new information about us, so hard is embedded in our consciousness? Why do some accept ourselves, but for others it's a very complex process? Let's try to understand this question.

throughout life, the world, in the face of society, imposes on us certain requirements, gives us signals that allows you to specify the way "I" to make it more appropriate, close to reality. People differ greatly on how they are able to enter new information into the existing their picture. This can be done two ways – either to complement the existing structure with new information or to modify it. I usually manage something in between, because often new information cannot fit into the old structure from the point of view of logic. For some, it is actually fairly simple and easy: the new information fits into the existing picture of the world, updates it to version 2.0 and making our way in a more close to reality.

However, not all of this process is the same. For example, demonstrative natures, as a rule, the existing pattern is often destroyed and replaced with new, than changes and additions. This is due to the fact that these people experience. They primarily pay attention to how it will help meet their primary needs to present themselves. And if the new information contributes to this, it instantly absorbs into the picture of the world. An important role in this process is the displacement of the old concept of depreciated and safely displace.

At the other extreme are people who have new information poorly placed on the formed pattern. It is rather peculiar stuck type of person, who often has a sustainable concept of the image of the surrounding world ("surrounded by enemies") and relatively rigid self-image ("I"-concept). Moreover, such protective mechanisms of the psyche as projection, rationalization and intellectualization does not give new information to modify existing schemas.

a Disturbing nature, it's difficult to choose between old and new information, because both of them equally important. Such people there are certain innate, genetically specified features of the Central nervous system, which do not provide sufficiently effective mechanisms of displacement at the level of neurochemistry.

Acceptance of self is a complex psychological process which depends on the type of personality, defense mechanisms of the psyche and peculiarities of the Central nervous system, so while working on passing, you must consider all these aspects.

Sergei Nadezhdin
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