Remember what You felt when you first met. Your eyes were shining heart tore his chest, wanted to do, to fly and shout to the world about their happiness. Why is it so hard? Why is it so hard to let go of the other person and allow yourself and him to be happy? We live on a planet of free choice, where each person has the right to freedom. But why do we so often wear masks on their substance and themselves limit ourselves? We are alone at home, at work, and someone reveals to us quite unexpected for us side. Someone can reveal to us a real, sincere in their desires. Wakes up the child who is not afraid to ask, to fall, to try something new. To talk about their desires and not be afraid that it will condemn or not understand. The answer is simple: we are afraid of losing, being rejected, deceived, etc. And we play the role: home - the wife or husband at work - made by the correct parent with the child, loyal friend, etc.

Why do we get stuck in these illusions? And why are so hurt by the fact that as you don't try, you still not accept? The fact is that when we enter into a relationship with another person, we are giving some promises and we too make promises. It is very frustrating when the expectation of the fulfillment of the promises becomes infinite. And it hurt, is tying the knot and there is a feeling that you tied, put on the hook. But really you himself tied, giving the promise of another.

the Most difficult to renege on their promises. They're much stronger tie to another person than the promises that were given to you and not fulfilled. This is accompanied by the most devastating feeling guilt is one of the most stupid illusions of mankind. The person feels trapped, his eyes become blank, no joy.

Imagine that a wild beast so fell in love with another creature that he gave permission to plant yourself next to the cage. But then he asked another creature to let run at will, to breathe the freedom, enjoy the wind, but was refused. Because this creature is afraid that a wild animal will not return. And he would come back and shared their impressions, would bring the sun's energy, freedom, pleased the relations with new quality. But did not let go. And so it continues from year to year. And there are a painful relationship, where there is suppressed the freedom of the warden. The illusion of love - relationships become fetid.

And this beast blames himself for once, he is destroyed both physically and spiritually.

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