I Think that in everyone's life there were situations when he did "all". 

well known experiments on conformity is shown in the film "I am other".

One of the experiments: Several children sit at the table, all except for one - the "decoy", which instructed that when they ask what color the pyramids, I must say that both are white. One child, "naive subject," knows nothing about it. On the table put the 2 pyramids : black and white. And give the job to name the colors of the pyramids. Start to ask "decoy ducks" and when it comes to "naive subject," he repeats the fellows. 

I Often hear the phrase " we wouldn't do". But, in life tasks is not so straightforward, there is always more opening. A few years ago, a group of Ukrainian scientists carried out an interesting experiment. 

the Experiment was based on the same principle: several "decoy ducks" and one "naive subject". What introduction has been added? The participants met in the hallway and they had time to chat ( formed sense group), there was a man in a white coat (who introduced Israeli scientists). When the group was "naive subject" were waiting, Cabinet left "band" the applause of the staff and from the mouth of the scientist sounded mysterious phrase "6 out of 7! great result". When the group was invited inside, and before them stood one white ball. The scientist gave approximately the same introductory "you Need to call the colour of the ball. Take your time, try to make it right". Then "duck" to each other said ball black. one "duck" doubted (thus showing that doubt is normal) and called the ball of black. When it came to "naive subject," he repeated that the ball is black.nbsp;

Why are we doing this?

1. The desire to belong to the group. "I am with you, even if you are wrong". 

2. The desire to please.&This reluctance to be a black sheep. 

3. The desire to be no worse. "But suddenly they're right and not me? Maybe they are more competent  and see what you can't see me?"

4. Reverence to the most. "well, not as so many people be wrong"

What to do?

do Not be afraid to defend their opinion : the majority does not mean wiser.

If you know that your opinion is likely contrary to the group, try to speak first. Maybe someone will take your side. Even if not, the first to speak will be definitely easier. 

But sometimes it's more important to be in agreement with the group than to be right. Therefore, in each specific situation set your priorities.

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