Why is it so harmful to a parent active in the life of the student?


three weeks later, the children go to school. Someone for the first time, and someone will complete this school year your school path. Some children will run to school with joy, inspiration and awe to see the gang again from a class, learn a lot of interesting things. And the other children will pull the hand of parents, or to watch from behind the bushes to not moved in the direction of. About the last group of children will be discussed below.

I want to discuss with you You, the parents, whose children are passive in school. Why is this happening? In what may be your mistake which must be corrected urgently.

Imagine that you are a child aged 7 to 10 years (take the primary school). You come to school, look at the teacher, listening in class, but feel that something is missing. And the arm could be raised, "I don't know". And the problem solved quickly and move on to the next example, as you again in his head: "I don't know". And the feeling that something is there and never leaves. You returned home, Pomaia. Mom came back from work, YOU exhale. Mom started to ask what at school, get your notebooks, textbooks. Read homework. To get you to the table to dictate questions and answers. The feeling of deficit goes into a sense of tranquility. You're safe. Efforts do not need to do, next to mom.

I'm sure I'm exaggerating the story, at the same time, know that there are such cases in real life. This is when parents are very responsible and included in school activities, and the child is passive and irresponsible. The parents in this case substitute their activity in the child and his responsibility and initiative develop. Again reading: RESPONSIBILITY, INITIATIVE NOT RAZVIVAYUTSYA. There is no field for the development of these qualities in the child. Adult he took on the role to be participatory in a child's life more than necessary.

This happens when there is a lot of anxiety inside mom (mostly mom, dad rarely) that the child can not cope with life's challenges, i.e. training at school is like "learn or die". With this setting, the children will be difficult to withstand wear. About the parent understands and assumes the motor function to move child. And all that from the outside does not Harbor as an internal source. If you recognize yourself, then stop. Tell stop your fears about your child, believe him. It's simple, but somehow difficult to do. But it's your child? Ie you and him met, when not seen at all. It can be many things. Let him show himself. And you see. This is how you take a magnifying glass and examine under a different corner on each side. And not the first attempt see the light. But it's worth it.

what if you are a very active person in life. Like to achieve, to lead, and the calm and slow pace alien to you? It is important for you to keep everything under control. Then obviously what you fill in all around. Your child you can't win this struggle for power and the right to be first. And whether you want to fight? The children and parents of other tasks. But do in life outside of parenthood-let-live requirements activity? To think about it seriously and thoroughly. And after thinking to find a way to my I, not suppressing I child.

You only faith and patience on the way to the child through the opening of the new you!

Shchukin Xenia
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