those who WANT relationships - they are. Those who don't, there is no understanding and willingness to apply, to correlate, to create relationships with others. Not formed, not formed, not satisfied, all sad, bad relationship - a common theme queries and the indignation of men and women against those who did not work.

All as always is simple - no one wants in fact, these relations, of creation and the revitalization, strengthening them. These people want only THEMSELVES , their healing, their desires, their trauma and dreams, meet their needs through relationships with others. The OTHER they don't need, and if necessary, as a building - healing and feeding the material to their own lives. And it's not a relationship, it's use in favor of someone who got caught. This applies to both men and women equally.

Use the literal and figurative sense until there is something to use in another, while there is at least some resource. The use of other in those voids and holes, which were formed in childhood, no previous existing relationship, resentment and pain, fears and trauma. Me, me, me,me,me,me,me and nothing else. It happens secretly, and openly, loudly and with a call, quietly and slyly, and sometimes even unbeknownst to the person, while the other will not disappear in the figurative and literal sense. And then again, not developed or not in a relationship, because, to refer to another did not happen, the relationship is built.

People are so convinced of their knowledge and "goodness" that I don't want to see myself, first and foremost, the living and the living, changing, hurt, the duality, the schism, the presence of light and dark in themselves, they are fixated on the correctness, perfection and perfection. None of these people do not want to know about who this OTHER than he lives, how that it is important and valuable, it suits me or not really as a person for relationships and life. No one wants respect, no its not a different address, don't want to see another, to understand it, because they themselves do not respect themselves and do not understand.

They are looking for a relationship, as would-be Builder, autodidact, who built the twisted Foundation, is looking for someone who will now build on this Foundation is beautiful, reliable, sturdy and big house, with all the filling in advance when requesting performance guarantees from who, the house will be build. The responsibility here goes to someone's stupidity, inexperience, ignorance or unrealistic inflated false EGO - I can do anything, I'm super - man, decides to build this house. Here is the format of these relations, which are doomed to failure, inferiority, lies, false equivocation, and the search for the perpetrators, because in that moment, when the house will begin to line up, it will start immediately to be filled up, at once to destroy the entire structure, and the higher the wall, the greater the weight of the house, the faster the destruction.

And then begins the history of all the known scenarios of customer and executor, throws the blame on each other for low-quality material too difficult working conditions, non-payment, delays, unprofessionalism, incompetence and so on. Hurling spears at each other, looking for evidence of badness, guilt, debt and cost overruns, waste and inconsistencies to be expected. But since the house is built... That relationships are not built, can not line up initially, can be a sturdy and reliable for two.

Those who actually want to create and be in a relationship - knows and understands himself, sees and acknowledges in herself the advantages and disadvantages -soberly assessing their quality, willing to change and grow regardless of the relationship and they are ready to dialogue, to change, to improve themselves and so on. Respectful to yourself, also belong to another, getting acquainted with him, perceiving and accepting him as a living, natural, ordinary man, with an equally huge inner and outer worlds, assess, weigh initially, is it possible with this person to build a "house" of relations, and together building for a long time, until the house will become strong, alive, warm, in which well all the inhabitants of this house.

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