Why nick is angry when the mother-in-law peeing in the soup?


sometimes about psychological and spiritual circles, it is customary to explain the aggression of the man reasons that are not always connected with reality. Thereby denying the human right to a healthy protective aggression, and removing the responsibility from one whose actions have caused legitimate anger.

Consider the example of anecdote in which a mother-in-law urinating in a pot of soup, son, let's call him Kolya, asked "What are you doing, mom? We did it!", to which the mother responds, "get Away from you, you are evil!".

How would explain the anger If in the above-mentioned circles:

  1. This is "projection". This is not a mother pisses in the soup, it's the Kohl secretly order one, just do not recognize or accept in himself.
  2. nick himself would like to heartily piss in the soup, but doesn't, so he's jealous mother-in-law, which behaves more authentic, and is angry with her, forbids her to her natural impulses.
  3. nick just was not ready to face it and accept it. Not reached the same level of development/enlightenment.
  4. It's "transfer". Actually this is not a mother pisses in the soup, Colin's mother has always done, and that her behavior Kohl's sees his mother.
  5. It's injury forced nick to overreact.
  6. All nick's fault. Had to take measures when I enter the house the mother-in-law. Or when married. Or when he was born. Or ever. It is unclear what, but to blame nick. And her mother isn't about you, the innocent victim of unjustified aggression by the evil son-in-law.

At this point, nick is going to reflect what's provoked this behavior Tiffany. And her mother, proud that once again helped someone "enlightened", is to pee in else someone's pot.

Although in this case mother-in-law broke boundaries and ethical standards. And anger If this place is justified.

Often in life that the conventional "mother-in-law" openly violated the boundaries of the conditional If (this is can be people of any gender and any format of relations), and fair comments If that is not worth it to him, "mother-in-law" begins to "enlighten" some players that say that he was not ready for her wise advice, it is his projection, and she tries for him, and he did not appreciate, a kind of radish.

If a child If often the violation of borders, aggression and protect him banned and on top of another and accused that "he is bad", then our nick is on the manipulation and adequate protection is rooted in reflection, "what is he guilty" and depressed.

it is Important to learn to distinguish where do the trespass, but where do "appeared", and where and trespassing, and more, plus "show".

it is Important to regain the right to adequate protective aggression. It is important to learn eco-friendly to prove it. It is important to learn to distinguish between those people-manipulators, to throw off responsibility for his "Hiking in the soup" and so the injured party. It is important to learn to live with these people so that no soup was not injured.

Also important to note their actions. "Maybe I really pissed in someone's soup your wise advice and caring, I am so angry?"

Ivanova Elena
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