to Seek pleasant and avoid unpleasant

the human brain consumes a quarter of the total energy of the diet that offers the body is very much. Historically, the brain we do not need in order to think a thought, imagine getting Oscar and to plan investment and to ensure survival and adaptation. For the brain does not exist long-term goals; he understands only immediate incentives: good or bad right now.

Ate a couple of hamburgers, washed down with a Cola or beer – good, master, so it must be from hunger will not die, here's a calming and fun. And there will be a figure and how does it compare with the standards are invented by marketing, to spit.

Therefore, the yellow press is more popular scientific articles and philosophical works, and the sofa more popular the gym. Therefore, prevention and early diagnosis will always be a problem in medicine, alcoholism and drug addiction will not disappear, but security rules will never be followed by all people 100%. So not working motivation for students “ ... and then a janitor will.”

the Brain is simply not designed to solve problems that have not yet arisen. Don't beat yourself up when, once again poher diet or well written rules.

non-existent problem? Oh, no

As evolution solved the problem of survival:

    there is a threat to life or health;the blood is thrown adrenaline;we avoid the threat or eliminate it (flee, freeze, fight);as a reward we get dopamine in the blood: I have done, and this time survived.

Psychotherapy solves problems that do not pose an immediate vital threat; the psychologist is entertainment for the rich is not about survival but about comfort. The result of psychotherapy – prevention of problems, and the brain wasting energy do not agree.

Therefore need an external helper to pull themselves out of the swamp by its own hair is impossible, and to cut myself appendicitis inconvenient and dangerous.

And whether you though seven spans in a forehead a psychologist, your brain is you will still cheat, because to be in a state of homeostasis is very nice. As one famous psychologist: "it is not we have a brain and we have a brain" and he is absolutely right :-)

Makarov Denis
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