Why not work? After all, everything is clear: you drink, you die. Remember: what you drinking? I'll ignore the popular nonsense about promiscuity, bad heredity and other nonsense. Drinking just for the sake of change the current emotional state: if it was bad becomes good if it was good – it gets even better. Not the flavor beckons, but these feelings and emotions. Understand whether it is a man walking on the encoding? Unlikely. He's the head of the other hurts: soon to clean up mistakes, faster to improve your health, and the relatives are sawing. And it is encoded. Then what? Time passes, things somehow improve, alcoholic horrors are forgotten, everything is tip-top, but... something was missing. Someone you feel relaxed, some reckless fun, some spiritual "omnicane" in the kitchen, someone suddenly the mountain fell. Crazy thought: "screw this!" or "maybe I'm not an alcoholic, if able to drink over how much time?" - will not keep you waiting. Then that thought returns, again and again, and then breakdown will happen, and all will repeat at first. Coding didn't work: the desire to experience positive emotions overcame fear of death. I knew people who drank in a couple of days after encoding. Methods of aversion therapy (encoding) anywhere except CIS countries are not applied due to its low efficiency. And not humanity.

the Principle of "sober – means healthy" returns responsibility for life and health the very the drinker. Otherwise, why would all recover from the flu is also not considered life ill, but in remission to the flu? The medicine there is no way of deliverance from alcohol addiction for one reason – it's not a medical issue, it's not a disease. That gives medicine, in addition to good wishes "not to drink"? Wife or mother say the same thing. What health, medical, specific? How is this Board different from the common recommendations to "safeguard health" or "wash your hands"? Everything falls into place when we remember that alcoholism is a habit to get the desired feeling with the help of alcohol, where alcohol is only transport which "brings" to the desired emotion. To be sober is to be able to get your emotions without the aid of alcohol. Everyone knew how it used to be when not drinking – and this is the key to success. We were not able to drink, then learned, now is the time to re-learn how not to drink. Here the key word is "learn", not "treated".

I will Touch upon two arguments. How to start a so-called "treatment" of alcoholism? With the admission of alcoholic and statements about the "impotence" in the alcohol. Otherwise for a "cure" to undertake makes no sense, sure the representatives of all existing practices and methods. OK, let's figure out where it leads from the point of view of psychology, that is, it will help or hurt man to throw?

an Alcoholic is a person who is NOT can NOT to drink. This specific feature. The alcoholic needs to drink, if not drink, – he's not an alcoholic, right? Compare: the pilot drives the plane. Chef – cooks food. Doctor – heals. The mother cares and raises the child. Pilot, chef, doctor, mother is our identity, says science. Every psychologist knows that the person does what they dictate his identity. Representations about the alleged freedom of choice of behavior is a myth. The mother can't ignore her maternal responsibilities: identity rigidly defines the behavior. This means that the pilot will fly the mother to engage the child, the physician – to heal and the alcoholic drink. No options. Otherwise no, they are not pilots, not mothers, not doctors and are not alcoholics. By forcing them to recognize themselves as an alcoholic we sentence man to eat, without even knowing it.

it is Very instructive to talk with people who believed in his alcoholism and some time abstaining from drinking, even if this time is significant. They are afraid of the decision that they will no longer drink ever. They call it "honesty with yourself". Like, I understand, but the disease is "taxis". Medicine gave these people an excellent argument for "honesty with yourself", so when you drink – the excuse was at the ready.

"Powerless" before alcohol – i.e. a war of a man with a liquid – another shambles. The trouble is that the subconscious mind accepts this absurdity for reality and tries to fight with alcohol, everywhere looking for the enemy – alcohol. And everywhere finds. Try not to drink when in front of your eyes in mind – constantly! – alcohol. Those who throw, – with this face, and therefore "frustrated". And the thing is improper target selection: "impotence," is not to alcohol, and "impotence" in desire to drink. To cope with the liquid is impossible, but with human desire quite.

it would Seem that "word game" and it seems frivolous, right? But this is a dangerous misconception, particularly in relation to dependencies. Words create images, which the brain perceives as unconditional orders for execution. If I asked you to feel the language a teeny bit of lemon pulp in a mouth will appear in the saliva, although no lemon and not close, and it's just words. The brain "saw" lemon responded literally, he doesn't understand jokes. I think what the picture sees, trying to understand the meaning of the words "powerless over alcohol"? He sees the booze. That is what the brain accepts as a guide to action. Failure is assured.

finally, the main "compelling" argument physicians: an alcoholic can never drink moderately. That is, the criterion for health (is!), is a MODERATE DRINKING! Full sobriety, therefore, will be considered evidence of the disease..)) And how many chances of medicine to cope with alcohol dependence in this approach?

the Conclusion is obvious: in order to live soberly advantageous not to consider alcoholism a disease. The concept of "remission" is very convenient for reporting, but hurt those who want to live sober, deprived of reference points, reference points, expectations for success and making meaningless any efforts to live soberly. Why go down swinging if the "sick for life"?

the Widespread failure of a seemingly flawless strategy, "encoding" under pain of death, just yells, demanding to perform the purpose of drinking that makes it easy to ignore even life threatening. Perceptions of the causes of alcoholism, allegedly rooted in promiscuity, irresponsibility, bad heredity and so and so, do not withstand even mild criticism. But such an analysis will show (alcoholics – alcoholics), in a completely new and unexpected light, allowing them to get out of the alcoholic bog.

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